Budanov's prediction of whether Prigozhin will win the confrontation in Russia and what will happen next was recalled online. Video

In May this year, Budanov suggested that Prigozhin would win the conflict
In May this year, Budanov suggested that Prigozhin would win the conflict

Back in May 2023, the head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, said that the conflict between the Russian Ministry of Defence and the owner of the Wagner PMC, Yevhen Prigozhin, was quite real, not just a play, and that events related to this would intensify soon. At the time, the head of the Defence Intelligence suggested that Putin's "cook" would be the winner in the clash.

In connection with the beginning of Prigozhin's rebellion against the Russian Ministry of Defence, the network recalled an interview with Budanov published on 16 May 2023. It took place as part of the Iceland project (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Answering a question from journalist Serhiy Ivanov, Budanov confirmed that there was a "difference of opinion" within the aggressor country. He was confident that there was indeed a split in Russia, although it may not have been the same as various experts said at the time.

"But we will see it all. Over time, it will all come to light," predicted the DIU chief.

Ivanov asked, "If we imagine that this is a pot with a lid on it, when will the lid be ripped off?" "Soon," Budanov replied, smiling.

Kyrylo Budanov and Serhiy Ivanov in an interview

He described the question of Prigozhin's role as debatable. Then, against the backdrop of the slow advance of Wagner mercenaries in Bakhmut, the journalist asked whether the influence of the financier of the private military company Wagner had diminished. Budanov was sure that it had not. "This is the only thing that can be stated frankly," he said.

"Will Prigozhin win in this, let's say, confrontation? In my opinion, he will. What will it lead to? Well... As they like to say, to military tribunals. It will lead somewhere," Budanov predicted.

The journalist asked whether Wagner and the Russian Ministry of Defence were staging the conflict. The head of the DIU said confidently: "No, absolutely not. It is real. And moreover, it is absolutely meaningful, as they say, justified".

"It so happened that this conflict started. Only one side can get out of it," the military said. According to him, they have already tried several times to resolve the conflict, but to no avail.

"There will still be a winner. And there will be a loser. There will be people who lose. In my opinion, it will definitely not be Prigozhin," Budanov believed in May 2023.

Watch the archived interview about the conflict within Russia (directly about Prigozhin - from 8:57):

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov, recently said that Prigozhin's rebellion in Russia and his "march" on Rostov and Voronezh are a sign of the collapse of the regime of the aggressor country's president, Vladimir Putin. In addition, the "military coup" was a direct result of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

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