Britain to give Ukraine 200 more Brimstone missiles: Defense Minister recalls how they helped on the battlefield

The UK will provide Ukraine with 200 more Brimstone missiles

The UK will send 200 more Brimstone anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. They have already had a significant impact on the battlefield, in one case even forcing Russian troops to retreat after attempting to cross a river.

In addition, along with other allies, the UK will continue to train Ukrainian troops. This was stated by British Defense Minister Grant Shapps, The Guardian reports.

"Today, I can announce a new package of 200 Brimstone anti-tank missiles as part of a further strengthening of Ukraine's defense," he said. He added: "Together (with partners - ed.), we will train another 10,000 soldiers in the first half of 2024."

We would like to remind you that the use of Brimstone missiles by our defenders first became known in May 2022. They are designed to destroy massive concentrations of enemy armored vehicles.

Brimstone 2 missile homing head

Brimstone missiles operate in two modes: "fire and forget" and laser-guided. The "fire and forget" principle is ensured by an active millimeter-wave radar homing head (the same principle is used by the American Javelin anti-tank guided missiles).

Brimstone 1 missile launcher for aviation use

The principle of laser targeting allows you to select a specific top-priority target and, after firing, direct the missile to it (Ukrainian anti-tank guided missiles Stugna-P work on the same principle).

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