Beaten and thrown into a hole: a "mobik" told how the Russian command mocks the occupiers. Photo and video

Russian soldiers are pitted, beaten and fined for misconduct

A mobilized Russian officer spoke about the pit where Russian soldiers who had "gone bad" were kept. He showed one such place near Olenivka in the so-called "DPR" and spoke about the abuse of subordinate personnel by the Russian military leadership.

The mobilized Russian officer gave an interview about this to ASTRA. He also explained what misdeeds "mobiks" are put in a pit for, what in the Russian army they can shoot their own personnel for, and whether the high command knows about it.

Thus, the Russian officer noted that the pit is used as a punishment for the mobilized occupants. Also, on top of that, "mobiks" are fined.

"It's a minimum of three days in jail and a fine: 25-30 thousand rubles for each day of incarceration. In general, they are jailed for drunkenness, for leaving their positions and going to the shops, to the villages, to visit other people in the same position. Or just if they don't look good to their superiors. This is the second hole. I heard that the first one was closed by the prosecutor's office. But now a new one has been dug in a secret place, where no one is allowed. The regiment commander knows about it, but the battalion commander 'runs' it. Soldiers and officers alike are sitting in the pit. They are simply beaten and thrown into it. There's a dirt floor there. You sleep on rags. The 'prisoners' may not be fed or given water."

Thus, soldiers from the whole regiment are brought to the pit in Olenivka. There are such illegal pits for punishment of the military in every unit, said the occupant. He also stressed that no one uses statutory punishment in the Russian army.

"No one gives a f*ck, the statutes and laws do not apply here," he said.

At the same time, the Russian officer noted that the pit is far from being the cruelest kind of punishment. For example, Russian soldiers can even be shot for refusing to fight.

"We are mobilized, we are mostly not fighting. We sit in defence. If they refuse to fight they can be shot by their own people, so the pit is still God's way," he said.

Combatants and deputies, regimental commanders and even the higher military leadership of the Russian Federation know about existence of "pits" as a punishment, but they do nothing about it. The occupant also noted that unprepared men are usually mobilized, often with chronic illnesses and alcohol or drug addiction.

"It is a misconception that the mobilised are such loaded rambos.  The average age is around 35, all of them civilians. The vast majority are from villages. Shift workers for the most part. Not even a lot of hunters, thanks to the Russian gun laws. Many are chronically ill, alcoholics, weed smokers," said the occupant.


A video message from the Russian occupants has surfaced online, complaining about the attitude of their commanders. Putin's war criminals said they were being used as "cannon fodder" and that no one valued the personnel.

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