Are there no more men? A resident of Donetsk called on Putin to declare a "women's mobilization" to fight back against "fascists". Video

Donetsk woman calls on Putin to announce ''women's mobilisation''

A resident of the temporarily occupied Donetsk, who calls herself a "veteran of the Donbass militia" and a "she-wolf," asked Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to announce a "women's mobilization." This way she wants to fight the "fascists".

At the same time, she stated that men in occupied Donetsk are trying to avoid "mobilization" into the Russian occupation army. A fragment of the address of the "Russian peace" supporter was published on Telegram by journalist Denis Kazansky (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The fan of the Kremlin killer complained that the surviving men in Donetsk were hiding from the war. That's why she came up with the idea to announce a "women's mobilization".

"I want to appeal to announce women's mobilization. Volodymyr Volodymyrovych, I am asking you to announce women's mobilization, because it was women who stood up in 2014. In 2014, it was women who held heavy equipment, we were not afraid of anything. Now women are going to the military registration and enlistment office and asking to be drafted. If women stand up, this fascist evil will go down. Because it was women who stood up in 2014," the Donetsk resident said.

She also said that women in the temporarily occupied Donetsk allegedly go to "military commissariats" en masse and ask to go to war against Ukraine, but "they are not taken." At the same time, the "she-wolf" said that Putin should announce at least "partial women's mobilization," but a few seconds later she changed her mind and demanded that the dictator "fully mobilize."

"Women go to military recruitment offices, women, and ask to be recruited. Because men buy armor and run away. But these couch warriors who sit in taverns here and hide in small-scale defections, I condemn them. That's why I'm asking Putin to make a women's mobilization here, at least a partial one. Can we all stand up together and sweep away this fascist evil? If we are going to announce mobilization, then we should announce full mobilization," said the fan of the "Russian peace".


Earlier it was reported that the Russian occupiers plan to use men from the partially temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions of Ukraine as human shields for their troops. A similar situation occurred last year in the ORDLO.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the start of the fall conscription to the Russian army. The recruitment started on October 1.

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