"Apparently, no one survived": DIU reveals details of Russian LLS Caesar Kunikov defeat in Crimea

The Russian fleet lost another ship
The Russian fleet lost another ship

A Russian large amphibious assault ship Caesar Kunikov sank in the Black Sea off the coast of temporarily occupied Crimea, sources in the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine said. According to preliminary data, the crew of the enemy vessel did not manage to escape.

This information was shared with OBOZ.UA by an interlocutor at the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on Wednesday morning, February 14. Karma caught up with the Russian LLS near Alupka.

At first, the ship tilted on its side, and then went down.

"Apparently, no one survived because the hole was large and everything happened very quickly," a Ukrainian intelligence source said.

As a reminder, explosions were heard in the morning of February 14 in Yalta, Alupka and Miskhor. The network reported an attack on a Russian warship. Then helicopters of the invaders were seen over the sea. Another vessel came to the aid of the hit ship.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine told our publication that a large amphibious assault ship Caesar Kunikov, Project 775, was hit by drones. It was built in 1984 and launched two years later.

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