Another "cotton" occurred in occupied Donetsk: an enemy ammunnition was destroyed along with the occupiers. Video

Another "bavovna" occurred in Donetsk

Another "bavovna" occurred in the Russia-occupied Donetsk. As a result of explosions in the city, ammunition storage and enemy personnel were destroyed.

Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian mayor of Mariupol, reported it on Telegram. Smoke, raising above the epicenter of events, could be seen on the photos and video he published.

The official joked that Donetsk simply "didn't agree on the election of the Pope again."

"In the process of reflection they sacrificed not only ammunition, but also a certain number of occupiers. Good," Andriushchenko concluded.



To recap: also on March 20, Russian air defense systems went off over temporarily occupied Donetsk - the invaders shot down their aircraft. The pilot managed to eject, and it was tentatively known that he survived.

Although the occupiers hastened to declare that a Ukrainian drone was allegedly shot down, according to preliminary data, the invaders could have shot down their Su-27 or Su-35 over the city.

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- Ukrainian partisans in the temporarily occupied Donetsk reminded Putin's invaders and their henchmen that their city is Ukraine. Pro-Ukrainian activists warned the occupiers that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were already close, and the temporarily occupied city would definitely be de-occupied.

- In February, Russian propagandists announced a "bavovna" in the center of Donetsk. The explosion occurred in the building of the prosecutor's office in the occupied regional center.

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