"All wars end in negotiations": Nuland evaded the question whether the US believes in Ukraine's victory with the return of all territories

Victoria Nuland

Former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, commenting on the delay in approving a military aid package for Ukraine, did not answer whether Washington believes in Kyiv's victory. When it came to the return of all the territories occupied by Russia, she emphasized that wars end in negotiations.

The American politician, originally from the Ukrainian city of Odesa, said this in an interview with the Russian-language online publication Medusa. It is worth noting that this allegedly independent opposition media outlet (and according to other sources, fully controlled by the Russian FSB) is located in Riga, Latvia, and is published in Russian and English.

During the interview, journalists reminded her of the heated debate in Congress over the allocation of funds to support Ukraine's security and asked her what the ultimate goal of US assistance to Ukrainians looks like within the framework of the US strategy. Nuland emphasized that, in general, more than half of the congressmen, even from the Republican Party (including the Senate and the House of Representatives), voted in favor.

"Because they understand the stakes not only for Kyiv but also for the United States. It is Ukraine's decision whether and when to move on to discussing peace. So far, Putin's approach to the negotiations looks like this: "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is what we'll discuss." The goal of the American strategy now is to prepare Kyiv militarily, economically, and politically so that it can start negotiating from a position of strength," said the former deputy head of the State Department.

She continued: it is necessary to prove to Putin and his army commanders that this war is losing for them, and therefore it is time to reach an agreement. When asked whether the ultimate goal of the US strategy no longer includes restoring Ukraine's 1991 borders, Nuland said that all wars end in negotiations, and it is "Ukraine's task to decide what its goals are for the territories."

"But right now, Kyiv is not strong enough to start negotiating. We would like Putin to leave every square kilometer of Ukrainian land. But for now – until Ukraine is strong enough – we don't know what is possible in this regard," the politician explained.

Earlier, in an interview with the American media, Nuland also said that Ukraine is not ready for negotiations with Russia to end the war.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Victoria Nuland is called one of the brightest and most influential women not only in American but also in world politics. We talked about how the pioneer educator from Odesa once made a political career in the United States.

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