A report on F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine to be presented at Ramstein - Ambassador to NATO

A report on F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine to be presented at Ramstein

Head of Ukraine's Mission to NATO Natalia Halibarenko said that during a meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine in the Ramstein format, the coalition will report on the preparation of F-16 fighters for the Ukrainian Air Force. This meeting will take place on February 14 before the meeting of NATO defense ministers.

Halibarenko said this during a conversation with journalists in Brussels, Hromadske Radio reports. She said that preparations for the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine are taking place at several levels.

"There are several components. That means not only the maintenance of the machine itself but also the training of pilots: skills, English. Plus, there is a huge layer of training for the personnel who will service the aircraft. And this was also launched somewhere along with the pilots, at the same level. Plus, there is also the preparation of certain infrastructure as not all of our runways are ready for this," the diplomat said.

According to Halibarenko, everything is going according to schedule, there are no delays. The first aircraft for the Ukrainian Air Force are expected in the spring of 2024.

"There will be a meeting in the Ramstein format, and there will be a report from the F-16 coalition on how it is going. So I think that after tomorrow's meeting, there may be some more detailed information, but right now, everything is on track. And the spring of 2024 is one of the realistic deadlines that we have mentioned," Halibarenko said.

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