"A possible nuclear attack frightens him": Zelenskyy suggests why Biden is particularly cautious about providing Ukraine with weapons

Why Biden is cautious about providing weapons to Ukraine. Source: US State Department

U.S. President Joe Biden is in no hurry to provide weapons to Ukraine because he fears a nuclear strike from Russia. This is the opinion of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The Ukrainian leader expressed this opinion to a journalist from The Washington Post when he asked whether he thought Biden was being too cautious in supplying weapons. "I think he's being cautious, fearing a nuclear attack from Russia," Zelenskyy replied.

The Kremlin leader is not just unpredictable. According to Zelenskyy, "he's crazy." "There is no one in the world who can say 100 percent what he will do. That's why Biden is cautious... Putin is cunning but not smart. When you fight a smart person, it's a fight by the rules. But when you have to fight a cunning person, it is always dangerous," Zelenskyy said.

The Ukrainian leader added that the collective West is to blame for Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine. "Putin seized Crimea, and there was no reaction. No one pushed him. No one stopped him. Obama was not strong against him. Europe wanted to have security on the border and big trade with Russia. This paved the way for the war with Ukraine," he said.

As reported, Ukraine may arm and train new combat brigades to launch a counteroffensive this year. However, this will be possible if the situation at the front remains stable, Zelenskyy said.

The main target of Russian terrorists in Ukraine is currently the energy sector and its various parts. Russia wants to repeat the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant disaster, Zelenskyy said when summing up the day. He emphasized that the common task of Ukraine and its partners is to prevent another environmental disaster.

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