Staying awake in class: expert advice on how to overcome drowsiness

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There are real legends about students' sleeping during classes, and they have a good reason. Sometimes it can have a negative impact on the quality of learning.

Therefore, the way you control yourself ultimately determines the quality of your studies. OBOZ.UA offers you to familiarize yourself with some useful tips that will help you stay productive and awake.

Set aside a separate work area away from the bedroom

Experts say that you should not study in the room you use as a bedroom. You need to set aside a well-lit study area in your home away from your bedroom. If you live in a dorm, try studying in the library. After all, cozy lounges turn off your brain and don't help you study.

Keep the sympathetic nervous system active, sit up straight, avoid sluggish postures

It is not uncommon for the desire to sleep to come right when you are studying. To avoid this, you shouldn't lie down while studying. Research shows that sitting upright while studying has a positive effect on participants. In this position, the activity of the nervous system helps to stay alert and focused.

Use active learning methods to effectively absorb information

During the training process, it is also recommended to use special techniques. They promote active learning and help you memorize topics and assimilate information. It is recommended to transfer the information to a visual map, a hint card, or a graph. Another effective technique is to read aloud or teach the material to a classmate.

Keep moving to boost your energy levels

When you feel like you're losing energy to study, just take short walk breaks between study sessions. It will help you to refresh and focus better. For example, according to researchers, 10 minutes of walking significantly improved their memory and concentration. It is recommended to take short breaks every half hour to drink water and move to stay alert.

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