Is Nature Hinting? There was a tornado near the Crimean bridge, Dzhankoi and Kerch were flooded by downpours. Video

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Kerch and Dzhankoi were flooded by a heavy downpour

Over the weekend bad weather hit the occupied Crimea. In the evening of July 8, downpours flooded streets in Kerch and Dzhankoi, and a tornado swept near the Crimean bridge on July 9.

The relevant footage was distributed by local blogs. In particular, in occupied Dzhankoy, Lenin Street was flooded along with cars (to see all the photos and videos, scroll to the end of the news).


In the city complain about the flooding of houses. "Dzhankoi administration, take measures! Water runs from the road into the yard, and then everything runs into the kitchen", - says one of the residents in the video.

In Kerch, a heavy downpour turned the roads into rivers. Drivers stopped and turned on the emergency signal, they were blinded by "constant flashes of lightning," propaganda media reported.

On the morning of July 9, eyewitnesses filmed a tornado circling near the Crimean bridge.




And in Sochi, Russia, streams of water demolished cars and flooded houses. According to local Russians, this has not happened in their city for a long time.


Warning! The video contains profanity!


It should be noted that on July 8 and 9 in the occupied Crimea was declared a storm warning of dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena: heavy rain, sometimes very strong, thunderstorms, hail, wind squalls up to 15-20 m/s.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On the morning of July 9, the occupied Crimea claimed to have shot down an alleged cruise missile near Kerch. The target was allegedly a part of the Crimean bridge.

- The Crimean bridge was completely blocked in the afternoon of July 9 because of the attack.

- Earlier, Atesh guerrillas reported that the occupiers in Crimea were trying to save the Kerch Bridge from Storm Shadow with the help of angle deflectors.

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