Important to do regularly: what exercises will help your eyesight

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A doctor checks the patient's eyesight. Source: Freepik

The eyes are one of the most important human organs that can indicate certain problems in the body. That's why eye health is important at any age.

Experts say that it only takes a few changes in a healthy lifestyle to restore eye health. OBOZ.UA offers to familiarize yourself with the basic rules.


To maintain good eye health, you need to do a few simple exercises. However, it is important that they are regular. Take a pen in your hand and hold it out in front of you, at eye level. Then move the pen horizontally and vertically in front of your eyes, keeping your focus on the tip of the pen. The exercise can be done daily before going to bed for eye health.

Screen time

If you spend a lot of time in front of a monitor, it's important to take breaks to avoid drying out your eyes. It's important to stick to a schedule, taking a 5-minute break from the computer every 45 minutes. It is also advisable to close your eyes for a while to rest them.


It is important to keep your body hydrated. After all, a sufficient amount of water affects the condition of the eyes. According to experts, it is recommended to consume about 3.5 liters of fluid for men and 3 liters for women daily. Hydrating the body helps protect against diseases, while removing harmful toxins from the body, and also leads to a brighter shine of the eyes.

Care products

It is important to use high-quality eye care products. In particular, you can use milk for shiny eyes, because this product remains effective for days. The effect of the application can be noticed literally immediately. To do this, soak cotton pads in ice-cold milk and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes. After the procedure, rinse with water and see how your eyes brighten.

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