How to overcome the manifestations of spring allergies: doctors' answers

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Allergies can manifest as sneezing, runny nose, and lacrimation

Most people look forward to the arrival of spring, tired of the long and cloudy winter. Lengthening daylight hours, the first warm rays of sunshine, and the awakening of nature contribute to a good mood and set a positive mood. However, some people meet the changes of seasons with a certain fear, because they risk a worsening of chronic ailments.

One of the spring health complaints is seasonal pollen allergy - an allergic disease caused by flowering or pollen, accompanied by acute inflammatory changes in the mucous membranes. Mayo Clinic experts tell you how to relieve the symptoms of allergies and face spring fully armed.

Symptoms of seasonal allergies can greatly ruin life and reduce performance. As a rule, it is manifested by sneezing, lacrimation, stuffy nose, runny nose, etc. Everyone with allergies knows what it is in nature or at home that causes such conditions. In the spring, it is due to the blooming of certain trees or flowers.

Although it is impossible to influence the awakening of nature, there are several ways to prepare for the arrival of spring and try to minimize the unpleasant symptoms.

Reduce the impact of triggers

During an active flowering period, if possible, stay at home in dry weather, when the concentration of allergens in the air is the highest. It is better to go outside after the rain, which washes away more pollen.

Avoid working in the garden or vegetable garden for a while.

Wear a mask when you go outdoors.

When you get home, take off your clothes right away and shower to wash off any possible allergens.

Do not hang laundered clothes outdoors, as pollen can settle on them and get into the house.

Try to anticipate the development of allergies

Stay tuned for news about changes in weather conditions and pollen concentrations in the air.

To protect yourself from the complex course of the disease, start taking allergy medications before the active phase begins.

Always close doors and windows, and refrain from walking in the early morning hours, as the pollen concentration in the air is at its highest.

Watch your mucous membranes

Rinse your nasal passages more often with a saline solution, because it is a simple and effective way to clear mucus and allergens from the mucosa.

Use distilled, sterile or boiled water to prepare the solution, and don't forget to thoroughly clean and dry the flushing device.

Clean the air

To reduce allergens around you, use air conditioning in your car and home and remember to change filters on time and maintain them carefully.

Keep the air dry and use a vacuum cleaner with a high retention of microscopic contaminants.

Take special medications

Some allergy medications are sold over-the-counter and help relieve unpleasant symptoms. The main ones include:

oral antihistamines: help with sneezing, runny nose, and lacrimation.

decongestants: can relieve nasal congestion and relieve swelling. It should be noted that you should only take them for a few days, as addiction can only worsen the course of allergies.

nasal spray: best relieves the symptoms of pollinosis, if you started using it even before the active phase of the disease.

combination medications: combine antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects.

If your allergies are severe, see your doctor for more serious treatment. Specialists will prescribe skin tests or other tests to help pinpoint the allergen and counteract it, or suggest an allergy vaccination, which over time reduces the immune system's response to irritants.

Allergy symptoms can be quite annoying and even debilitating. However, following certain tips will help prepare for the arrival of spring and prevent the unpleasant manifestations of seasonal pollinosis.

Previously OBOZREVATEL told about the addiction to antihistamines. Doctors note that air pollution, the development of new allergies, age and stress can reduce the effects of familiar medications.

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