For the first time in Ukraine, a prosthesis has been implanted into a patient's bone: doctors promise that the soldier will be able to walk in six months. Photo.

Osteointegration prosthetics of legs performed for the first time in Ukraine

For the first time in Ukraine, osseointegration prosthetics was performed, i.e. implantation of a prosthesis into a patient's bone. The patient is 56-year-old Armed Forces captain Ihor Krupnov, who lost both legs in the war with Russia.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the First Medical Association of Lviv. The operation was performed at the National Rehabilitation Centre "Invincible" for the first time in the history of Ukrainian medicine (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

"This technology has certain advantages, such as sensitivity and functionality. It is especially relevant for people who have lost both limbs, as it is difficult and often painful for them to use classical prostheses," the statement said.

Osteo-integration prosthetics allows people to take their first steps on prostheses on the second day after surgery, and walk fully six months after the intervention.


This is what doctors promise the soldier. Ihor Krupnov lost his limbs last autumn when the car in which he and his comrades were travelling on a mission hit a mine. After being seriously injured, the man regained consciousness only a few days later. He was very happy that the doctors managed to save his life.

When Igor learned about the new technology of prosthetics directly into the bone, he wanted to be the first patient in Ukraine to undergo such an operation. For the man, it is important not only to be able to walk again, but also to run long distances.

"In 2016, my husband completed a marathon. Before he was seriously wounded, he dreamed of running a half marathon on his 60th birthday. The war adjusted these plans. Now Ihor's goal is to cover a distance of 10 km on prostheses," said the First Medical Association of Lviv.


Australian orthopaedic trauma surgeon Munied Al Muderis, one of the world's leading specialists, is helping Ukrainian doctors master this area of prosthetics. He has already performed almost a thousand operations in his home country, and another 500 interventions around the world.

Today, Igor Krupnov is feeling well and has taken his first steps since his injury. The team of doctors who performed the prosthetics are pleased with the result of the operation.

"In total, three Ukrainians underwent osteointegration surgeries during this visit of the Australian doctor," the statement said.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, it is important for Ukrainians to know how to communicate with people who have experienced trauma and undergone prosthetics. Veterans and patients of the Unbreakable Centre told us how not to behave when you meet a person with facial injuries or a prosthesis.

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