Experts have named ways to relieve pain and relieve leg swelling

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There are simple ways to prevent swelling

Modern life requires most people to be fast-paced, efficient and highly stress-resistant. However, even in such conditions, we are often forced to spend the whole day sitting in one place or refuse to engage in regular physical activity. In a frantic rhythm, we sometimes neglect our body's signals about the need for proper rest. Our feet can suffer the most from this. That's why we often complain of pain or swelling after a working day.

Sometimes these feelings are temporary and are caused by understandable reasons, such as a double workload during pregnancy. However, if the complaints persist or worsen, you should pay due attention. Podiatrist Jordanna Botek told the Cleveland Clinic how to relieve leg pain and relieve swelling.

What causes swelling?

Leg pain or swelling can be caused by serious problems in the body. As a rule, this happens when the body retains excess fluid. The main triggering factors may include:

Overweight and a passive lifestyle;

Diseases of the kidneys, heart system, veins or liver;


Leg injuries or uncomfortable shoes.

How to deal with edema?

Although the main task is to identify the underlying cause and eliminate it, you can try to alleviate the symptoms yourself.


The easiest way to relieve swelling is to raise your feet above the level of your heart. In this way, you will improve blood circulation and will be able to drain excess fluid from the feet and lower legs.

If you start to notice discomfort in your legs after a day at work, make it a daily habit to practice this method. Simply place your feet on a pillow or rolled up blanket and rest for a while to relieve pain and swelling.

Drinking regime

Our body can retain moisture if it thinks that it may soon run out of fluid, which in turn leads to swelling. Adherence to an optimal drinking regime will help to avoid this problem.

In addition, according to Dr Botek, a sufficient amount of water can remove excess salt and other food waste from the body.

Eat a balanced diet

Swelling of the legs can be a signal of magnesium deficiency in the body. In this case, proper nutrition can help. To replenish the mineral, regularly add fibre-rich whole grains, nuts and seeds, spinach, legumes, low-fat dairy products, etc. to your diet.

If you can't get enough from food, consult your doctor about taking magnesium supplements, but note that people with heart or kidney problems should be careful with them.

Compression socks

Special stockings and socks gently compress your legs to improve blood circulation. This can help get rid of excess fluid and keep pain and swelling to a minimum.

The choice of compression garments is quite wide and designed for different weights. You can buy it at a pharmacy or order it online. To alleviate symptoms, it is important to choose the right size that suits you and will have a therapeutic effect.

In addition to these methods, you can also reduce swelling and prevent pain by changing your lifestyle. For example, regular exercise or losing weight can relieve your legs and improve your overall health, while limiting salt and carbohydrate intake will prevent fluid retention.

For best results, Dr Botek recommends using several methods at once, such as wearing compression socks while exercising and then resting with your feet elevated.

Pain and swelling in the legs are unpleasant sensations that affect our quality of life. And while we cannot always change our working conditions or get enough rest, everyone can follow simple daily rules that will help reduce the load on the legs, improve blood circulation and remove excess fluid from the body.

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