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Preparation for pregnancy - the key to its easy course

The birth of a child is the greatest miracle in the world. Most women remember the period of pregnancy as a magical and unforgettable time, when a new life develops inside, which from the birth will become most valuable for them. When going to have a baby, not everyone thinks about the fact that it is necessary to plan this step in advance. Because, unfortunately, pregnancy does not always come right away when we want it to, sometimes our fertility can be affected by numerous external factors and our own bad habits.

Preparing for pregnancy is the key to having a healthy baby and keeping a young mother healthy. Grow by WebMd gives useful advice to those who are eager to have a baby.

When planning a pregnancy, you should first take care of your own body and give up some habits that can hinder the process of fertilization.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight or underweight reduces your chances of getting pregnant. This happens because of possible changes in hormonal background. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, you may not get pregnant for a long time.

Maintaining a healthy weight throughout life is extremely important also because excessive body weight can cause serious complications already during pregnancy. Major ones include gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, miscarriage or the birth of an overweight or underdeveloped baby.

Choose the best time to get pregnant

An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful or cause health problems for a woman. However, delaying the birth of children is not recommended either. The fact is that over the years, the ability to fertilize decreases in both men and women. Therefore, you should consult a specialist and realistically assess your chances of successfully conceiving and having an easy pregnancy at an older age.

Get rid of bad habits

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco are some of the biggest enemies of men's and women's overall health. In addition, their abuse reduces the chances of getting pregnant. It should be noted that you should get rid of the bad habit even before pregnancy to prevent the birth of a sick baby. Your partner should also do this, because alcohol has a negative effect on erectile function.

At the same time, regular smoking causes changes in the fallopian tubes and cervix, which can provoke a miscarriage, and also damages your ovaries, which begin to produce fewer eggs, reducing the chances of getting pregnant.

Don't set athletic records

An active lifestyle is the right choice, because movement is necessary for a person at any age. However, if you are planning a pregnancy, you should reduce physical activity. Intense exercise provokes hormonal changes, which do not allow your ovaries to work properly and produce eggs.

This does not mean that you have to give up sports, just reconsider the intensity of exercise and adjust it to your life plans.

Choose the right time to have sex

Some couples cannot get pregnant because they do not understand how the female body works. In fact, there are several days in a cycle that are suitable for fertilization. These are the ones you should use when planning a pregnancy. During ovulation (the approximate middle of the menstrual cycle) and a few days before and after it, a woman's fertility is highest.

Enjoying an intimate relationship just in this period, you significantly increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Take vitamins

Pregnancy is not just a time of carrying the baby, it is a period of increased stress on the female body. Now it needs additional support and care. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor about the prescription of vitamin complexes before and during pregnancy, because they will help replenish the balance of nutrients and prevent birth defects in the child.

Get vaccinated

As a rule, preventive vaccinations should be given in early childhood. However, you should check during pregnancy planning whether you are protected against dangerous infectious diseases. The fact is that some of them can interfere with the birth of a child, and sometimes even lead to the need to terminate the pregnancy because of the high risk of intrauterine infection of the baby.

Among the most serious infections are rubella, chickenpox, herpes - these are the ones that pose the greatest threat in the case of a primary infection during pregnancy.

Manage your medications

Preparing for pregnancy is important because it prevents health problems for the expectant mother and protects against the side effects of certain medications. However, the prescription and withdrawal of drug therapy should be coordinated with your doctor.

Some drugs are not harmful to the baby, but can harm the mother, and after taking others, you should wait with pregnancy for some time.

As we can see, pregnancy is not only a wonderful time of waiting for the baby, but also a test of the mother's fortitude. To make this period easy and joyful, you should prepare for it in advance. Taking care of your body, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and absence of stress - these simple ways will help to speed up the arrival of a long-awaited pregnancy and ensure the birth of a healthy baby.

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