Doctor tells what causes a heart attack

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Numerous factors affect the functioning of the heart

People devote considerable effort to maintaining their health and preventing diseases. And rightly so, because it is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. For example, for many years now, fatalities from cardiovascular disorders have been the leading cause of death worldwide. A sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as bad habits are the first factors that threaten your heart and lead to a heart attack.

The heart is a kind of motor of the human body, on which our life depends, without exaggeration. Some defects may be congenital and require serious treatment, but everyone can reduce the risk of a heart attack. Geoffrey Dlott, MD, told Eat This, Not That! about the main reasons for it.

Lack of activity

Dr Blott emphasises the need for regular exercise throughout life. He argues that inactivity leads to the accumulation of excessive amounts of fatty material in the arteries, which can lead to blockage and cause a heart attack.

Elevated cholesterol

Sometimes, "bad" cholesterol in the body does not manifest itself for a long time, harming human health. For example, elevated levels lead to the formation of plaques, which eventually block blood flow to the heart, which in turn can lead to a heart attack.


When you smoke, the blood in the arteries thickens and slows down the movement of blood through the blood vessels to the heart. Over time, this stagnation can lead to blood clots and provoke a heart attack.

High blood pressure

Dr Dlott recommends dealing with the manifestations of hypertension to prevent a heart attack. He notes that high blood pressure reduces the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart, impairing its function.

Unfortunately, you can never be sure that you are protected from a heart attack. To reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, you should lead a healthy lifestyle today, give up bad habits and monitor your health.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about the impact of excessive worries on health. Swedish scientists noted that worrying about money and difficulties at work increases the risk of heart disease by 30%.

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