Can dilated blood vessels be removed permanently and what to do to prevent them from reappearing?

Can dilated blood vessels be removed permanently and what to do to prevent them from reappearing?

Many people face a rather unpleasant situation: dilated blood vessels appear on the body from time to time. At first, it can be a small vascular "star" that eventually develops into so-called spider veins. This disease is called rosacea and requires mandatory treatment, because otherwise the patient runs the risk of getting a more serious disease - rosacea.

It's worth noting that rosacea treatment is quite complex, requires a combination of laser and medication techniques, and does not always guarantee a perfect result.

Today we'll talk about how to treat rosacea, whether it is possible to remove the vessels permanently, and what to do to prevent the appearance of new vessels.

How exactly does laser vessel removal work?

Depending on the type of vessels, the doctor selects a laser for the most effective treatment. During removal, the laser affects the red pigments of the blood - hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin - in a matter of moments, the blood heats up and coagulates, the vessel coagulates; thus, with the correct parameters of the device, the vessels disappear.

What types of lasers are used to remove blood vessels

Neodymium laser (1064 Nm wavelength) is the longest wavelength used for vessel removal. This is the most "aggressive" technique, ideal for removing vessels on the legs, since it is in this area that the vessels are the largest and have the greatest depth. The disadvantage of this laser is that it can leave scars.

Yellow laser (wavelength 570 Nm) - works on small vessels, almost does not remove medium and large ones, you need to undergo a course of procedures.

Diode hemoglobinotropic laser (wavelength 980 Nm) - removes both the thinnest and larger vessels, it is the "gold standard" for vascular removal. When used correctly, the laser leaves no traces on the skin.

IPL system or photosystem - ideal for very small vessels that cannot be removed even by the point action of neodymium and diode lasers. The laser can remove even those vessels that are not visible to the eye and can be seen only under a professional dermatoscope. This can be called not even treatment of rosacea as such, but treatment of the skin as a whole. That is, this laser is able to solve the problem even before it appears.

In my work, I use a diode hemoglobinotropic laser and IPL from the best brands on the market. It is these devices that give a good result without leaving any traces on the body.

Can vessels be removed permanently?

With a properly performed procedure, the vessel coagulates and disappears forever. Sometimes there is a misconception that the vessel has been removed, but it reappears. This can happen mainly when applying application anesthesia: the vessel is narrowed, the laser does not coagulate it during the procedure, and after the anesthetic wears off, the vessel reappears. But it is worth noting that this happens within a few hours after the procedure.

If, for example, the vessel appeared in a week, then it is just a dilated neighboring vessel. In such cases, I prescribe additional medication to my patients.

The main factors of vascular formation

The most common causes of vascular disease are:

  • Smoking
  • alcohol abuse;
  • diabetes mellitus
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • deficiency of vitamins C, E, K

How to be sure that the procedure will be safe and effective

First of all, you need to make sure that the specialists performing the procedure use the most effective and safe diode hemoglobinotropic laser and IPL technology.

The qualifications of the specialist performing the procedure are also important: it is highly desirable that it is a doctor with a higher medical education who understands the procedure; otherwise, instead of removed vessels, you may get scars and scars.

So, when the first signs of rosacea appear, you should immediately consult a doctor: in the initial stages, the disease can be treated quickly and effectively.

Be healthy, beautiful and happy!

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