Benefits of breastfeeding for moms

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Benefits of breastfeeding for moms

Every mother dreams of her baby's health and strives to protect him or her from all adversity. Breastfeeding is probably one of the best things nature has provided for this purpose. However, not everyone knows that breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the newborn, but also for the mother. It can even protect her from heart disease and stroke.

Constant presence, adequate nutrition, and protection from many diseases are the main benefits of mother's milk for a child. And even a short feeding process will only benefit a new mother. These conclusions were shared by EveryDayHealth.

The benefits of breastfeeding have long been recognized by experts. For example, it is associated with a lower risk of high blood pressure and type II diabetes. In addition, a recent study suggests that breastfeeding can protect women from developing heart disease.

The researchers analyzed medical data from more than one million women who had children and breastfed them in the vast majority of cases. Observing the participants for more than 10 years, starting from the time they reached middle age, the experts found that women who practiced breastfeeding were 14% less likely to develop coronary artery disease, and the risk of stroke was reduced by 12%.

In addition, the positive impact on heart function can be achieved due to the fact thatbreastfeeding promotes better weight loss after childbirth and reduces the risk of metabolic disorders such as high cholesterol or type II diabetes. Thus, the study shows that breastfeeding is associated with significantly lower volumes of both visceral and pericardial fat in women's bodies, and halves the risk of developing type II diabetes in women who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about the dangers of unhealthy diet. Doctors emphasized that an unbalanced diet can negatively affect heart function, performance, and life expectancy.

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