Afraid of saboteurs: occupants increase the number of patrols in southern Ukraine - CNS

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Local residents are checked selectively

In the temporarily occupied territories of the south, the Russian occupiers have increased the number of patrols. With their help, the invaders want to find "saboteurs".

This was reported by the National Resistance Centre. It is noted that the occupiers are waiting for a counter-offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The occupiers are expecting a possible 'counter-offensive' in the region and have therefore stepped up patrols to identify members of the Ukrainian underground," the statement said.

It is noted that local residents are checked selectively, in particular, they may check their phones or the presence of a Russian passport.

However, all these measures by the occupiers are futile, especially when the majority of the population perceives them as enemies.

"Therefore, in recent days, there have been several successful attacks on military facilities of the Russian Armed Forces in the region, and the guerrillas continue to eliminate enemies," the NRS added.


Recall that guerrillas from the Atesh military movement of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars announced the launch of Operation Ukrainian Night. According to members of the Ukrainian underground, it was launched in the occupied part of the Kherson region, where two Russian occupiers from the Russian Armed Forces were killed on the night of April 27.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, a few days ago, the guerrillas once again sent a "fiery greeting" to the enemy in occupied Melitopol. The loud "cotton" was accompanied by losses among the occupiers.

The Atesh guerrilla organisation began operating in the temporarily occupied Melitopol in early March. The association officially announced this and said that "the tasks have been set and are being prepared for implementation". The Patriots noted that they had integrated into most of the invaders' security agencies, including the Russian Armed Forces and the National Guard. Since then, "cotton" has been a frequent guest in occupied Melitopol.

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