A prolonged magnetic storm is approaching the Earth: how to survive the meteorological shock

A prolonged magnetic storm is coming to Earth

Scientists warn about solar activity in the near future. So, from May 23 to 25 Earth will be covered by a magnetic storm.

The next storm of the month is expected on May 28 and will reach a strength of 5 points. Forecast of magnetic storms published by the Center for Space Weather Prediction of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USA.

Magnetic storms are the result of the propagation of disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field caused by solar flares. These fluctuations can have a negative effect on the functioning of communication systems and affect human health. Even small increases in solar activity can have a negative impact on people's physical and emotional well-being.

Four magnetic storms are expected in May, but only the last one will be of significant power. Two of these storms have already occurred.

Experts predict a three-day magnetic storm, which will take place from May 23 to May 25 - its power will not exceed 4 points. The last storm of the month is expected on May 28 and will reach a strength of 5 points.

Each person is individual in his reaction to magnetic storms. During periods of increased solar activity, the elderly, weather-dependent people, pregnant women and those with chronic diseases are especially sensitive to them.

Symptoms associated with malaise during magnetic storms can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, but most often include the following manifestations:

  1. Headaches and migraines.
  2. Fatigue and feelings of weakness.
  3. Insomnia and sleep disturbances.
  4. Changes in appetite and food preferences.
  5. Irritability, nervousness and mood changes.
  6. Dizziness and feelings of unsteadiness.
  7. Pain in joints and muscles.
  8. Increased symptoms of chronic illnesses such as arthritis or asthma.

To more easily experience magnetic storms and reduce unpleasant symptoms , it is recommended that you take the following steps and adhere to a healthy lifestyle during the dangerous days:

  1. If possible, take sick leave, especially if you are in an at-risk group.
  2. Avoid consuming caffeine, cigarettes, energy drinks, and alcohol, as they can increase nervousness and the negative effects of magnetic storms.
  3. Increase your intake of fresh, seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries, and drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  4. Pay more attention to physical activity, including exercising, walking outdoors, and other types of moderate exercise.
  5. Ventilate the room you are in regularly to ensure adequate access to fresh air.
  6. Spend more time outdoors, in parks or natural areas.
  7. Try to avoid conflict situations and manage your emotional state to reduce stressors.
  8. Take a contrast shower before going to bed, which can help to relax and relieve tension.
  9. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time to ensure regular sleep and maintain overall body health.

These recommendations will help you improve your general well-being and survive magnetic storms more easily. However, if you are experiencing serious health problems or symptoms, it is always recommended that you contact your doctor for specific advice and treatment.

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