"We hold all the cards": Cameron strongly urges to strengthen sanctions against Russia

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David Cameron
David Cameron supported Ukraine. Source: Facebook David Cameron

The West must "do more" and hit the Russian Federation's most sensitive spots with sanctions in response to the Russian shelling of Ukraine's energy system. The tools of economic pressure that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin fears should be used.

This opinion was expressed by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron. On Wednesday, June 11, he spoke at the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin, Germany.

Cameron believes that partners have "largely stopped the flow of Russian oil". "But it's time to make sure that we completely cut off Russian gas in Europe. We need to do more," he said.

The British Foreign Secretary also advocates the use of frozen assets of the aggressor state.

"We need to ask ourselves: what is Putin afraid of? He is afraid that we will give up hydrocarbons. He is afraid that we will take up the frozen state assets of Russia. And I hope that at the G7 summit this week, we will at least agree to use the interest from the frozen assets to raise a huge loan for Ukraine. And the money will start coming in long before the November elections in America," Cameron said.

He also drew attention to the shadow fleet of the Russian Federation - ships without insurance, which are dangerous for the environment.

"I want to know that every time they enter a neutral port, they are checked, arrested and prevented from transporting Russian oil and selling it around the world. As I said, we have all the cards: the strongest economy, the best alliances, experience, knowledge, and we must use all of it," the politician said.

He assured that "Britain is playing its role" and will help Ukraine in various areas, including insurance, technology, investment, reconstruction and others.

"The question for us is whether we have the courage to play all these cards and whether we have the patience to make sure that Ukraine wins in the long run," the British Foreign Secretary said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- A two-day Conference on the Restoration of Ukraine started in Berlin on June 10. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, opening the event, called for all possible support for Ukrainian air defense, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for a blackout of Russian terror, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen assured that Russia would be made to pay for its aggression by confiscating assets.

- Zelenskyy also noted that not all the needs of the Armed Forces are met, and that the occupiers' greatest strategic advantage is air superiority.

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