"Ukrainians are paying the highest price": Presidents of Slovakia and the Czech Republic visit Borodyanka in the Kyiv region and express support for Ukraine

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Zuzana Čaputová and Petr Pavel arrive in Ukraine

On April 28, Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová and Czech leader Petr Pavel arrived in Ukraine on a visit to Borodyanka in the Kyiv region and expressed support for our country in the fight against the Russian aggressor. They will meet with their Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

They announced this on their official social media pages. It is noteworthy that the leaders of the two partner countries arrived in Kyiv on Friday morning by train - shortly after the capital and other major cities of the country were hit by a new series of missile strikes by the Russian Federation (to see the photo, scroll down to the end).

"We both recognise the value of freedom and justice. It is hard to see with our own eyes that Ukrainians are paying the highest price for this. The blood and lives of their own citizens. In the fight against the aggressor, it is the common that protects the common. That's why we will stand behind them," said Pavel.

He posted a photo against the backdrop of a multi-storey building destroyed by Russian shelling in Borodyanka, Kyiv region.


It should be noted that this is Peter Pavel's first trip to Ukraine as head of state since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February last year. He took the oath of office on March 9, 2023. While the Slovak leader came to Kyiv and met with Zelenskyy in May last year.


On her Facebook page, the politician noted that she was returning to Kyiv less than a year after her last visit, which left a lasting impression on her. According to her, after last year's trip, her attitude to the war was not political, but deeply human.

"The reality of the war, from which many may already feel tired, however, strikes us at a time when some do not even want to hear about it. It is thanks to the fact that the democratic world has not turned its back over the past year that Kyiv is now functioning almost normally, and the front has moved to the east of Ukraine, further away from our borders. Some ruins are gradually being turned into modular houses, and more than a hundred families have also returned their children who were stolen from them," Čaputová wrote.


The Czech President condemned Russia's shameful attacks on April 28 on Ukrainian cities, including Dnipro and Uman, where innocent civilians were killed. She added that this is a reminder to the world that it cannot afford to turn its back on Ukraine.


The network notes that the presidents of the Czech Republic and Slovakia held talks with their teams on the train for about two hours while travelling to Kyiv.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Czech President Petr Pavel called for increased assistance to Ukraine to ensure victory over the aggressor country Russia. He said that the Ukrainian state should become a NATO member after winning the war.

In addition, the presidents of 11 countries, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia, condemned Russia's massive missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, which, according to international law, constitute war crimes.

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