"Ukraine recognizes two states": Zelensky explains position on Israel and Palestine

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Zelensky at a conference in Singapore on June 2. Source: Still from a video by the Office of the President

Ukraine recognizes both states: Israel and Palestine. Kyiv will do everything to ensure that Israel stops the war and the civilian population stops suffering.

This statement was made by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during the Dialogue Shangri-La conference in Singapore on Sunday, June 2. "Ukraine said that if the terrorists are from Hamas, it was on the first day of the attack on Israeli civilians," he said.

The Head of State reminded that a humanitarian crisis had followed in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine had expressed readiness to help.

"And after that, when Israel was in Gaza and there was a humanitarian crisis, Ukraine said: first, we are ready to help Gaza humanely; second, we must respect international law; third, Ukraine recognizes two states (both Israel and Palestine) and will do everything to make Israel stop, to end this conflict and to prevent civilians from suffering," Zelensky said.

''Ukraine recognizes two states'': Zelensky explains position on Israel and Palestine

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- The day before, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Jerusalem's conditions for ending the military operation in the Gaza Strip have not changed after US President Joe Biden presented a ceasefire plan. Hamas must be completely destroyed, Netanyahu emphasized.

- On May 28, IDF tanks advanced to the center of Rafah in the Gaza Strip for the first time. According to eyewitnesses, Israel launched air strikes and tank fire on the city, despite the international outcry over the air strike on the tent city.

- The United States does not consider the IDF's recent actions in Rafah to be a "full-scale invasion." According to White House spokesman John Kirby, Washington does not see "Israel moving large units, large numbers of troops" into the city.

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