Moscow has nullified international law and will not be able to comply with agreements: the OP explained why negotiations with Russia are impossible

Podolyak called Russia a 404 country

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President, said that another terrorist attack by the Russian Federation in Kramatorsk "put an end" to the Kremlin's ability to fulfill its agreements. Looking for topics of discussion and compromises with the dictator Vladimir Putin is a waste of precious time on illusions that will never justify themselves.

The politician is convinced that Putin and his regime are weaker than ever, and the whole world has recently been convinced of this. This is exactly what Podolyak wrote on his Twitter account.

"Experiencing constant panic attacks and its own physical mortality, Russia continues to kill civilians en masse. Like today in Kramatorsk, where a Russian missile killed ten people and wounded 60, including infants," the report stated.

Podolyak stressed that Putin is a pathological liar who deceives not only his own people or Ukraine by violating all agreements since 2014, but also influential political figures of the world. Moscow has demonstrably nullified international law and international institutions.

"And therefore will not be able to comply with the agreements until it goes through a political renewal and accountability for the crimes. The task of the world today is to accelerate the destruction of the Putin regime. It is time to discuss models for a post-Putin Russia. And look out for successors...," a representative of the presidential office preferred an open ending.


OBOZREVATEL previously reported that Russia cynically boasted of a "precision strike" on Kramatorsk, where a Russian missile hit a street café and killed at least ten people, including minors. At the same time, Moscow for some reason calls the city part of its failed republic of the DPR.

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