Ambassadors of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia make a demarche to Poland over the blockade of the Ukrainian border

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In Warsaw, the Baltic States staged a demarche over the blockade of the border with Ukraine

Representatives of the diplomatic missions of the Baltic states in Warsaw have staged a demarche against Poland over the blockade of the Ukrainian border. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the Polish authorities because Polish truck drivers are blocking the movement of freight transport on the Polish-Ukrainian border, which undermines Ukraine's ability to resist Russia.

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that this issue has been repeatedly raised during negotiations with the Polish side. This was reported by the Estonian radio broadcaster ERR.

"A meeting-demonstration of the three Baltic ambassadors at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland took place in Warsaw," said Estonian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Brita Kikas in response to ERR's question about Estonia's attitude to the border blockade.

In the field of diplomacy, the term "demarche" is used to describe an appeal by one government to another to draw attention to a particular problem or situation, often with proposals for specific measures.

A spokeswoman for the Estonian Foreign Ministry noted that the countries' representatives respect the rights of Polish truck drivers to hold rallies. However, these events have led to complicated consequences and created additional difficulties for the Ukrainian economy.

"For our part, we are raising this issue with Poland and hope that a solution will be found in the near future in cooperation between Poland, Ukraine and the European Commission," Kikas added.

Estonia plans to continue its own efforts to find a solution together with the new Polish government.

A representative of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that the blockade of the Ukrainian border was discussed during Tsakhkna's meeting with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron on Monday.

Polish truckers see their Ukrainian counterparts as competitors because they offer their services at lower prices. That is why they have blocked the main border crossings with Ukraine since November. They are demanding the restoration of the order under which Ukrainian trucks were allowed to enter the EU only with a limited number of special permits.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, this system was suspended. Polish drivers argue that Ukrainian truckers offer their services not only for transportation between Ukraine and the EU, but also in the EU's internal market. However, the organizers of the protest allow crossing the border for cars, humanitarian and military cargo. On December 1, truckers in Slovakia joined the Polish drivers' action and blocked the main border crossing between Slovakia and Ukraine.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the European Commission believes that the Polish authorities are not acting proactively enough to resolve the situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border and "to comply with the law there." The bloc suggests taking certain measures against those who do not follow the rules and do not apply the law.

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