For the first time since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion: Chairman of the NATO Military Committee arrives in Kyiv

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Rob Bauer. Source: wikipedia.org

On Thursday, March 21, the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer of the Netherlands, visited the Ukrainian capital. On the day of Russia's massive missile attack on Kyiv region, the highest-ranking military official of the North Atlantic Alliance spoke at the Kyiv Security Forum.

He thanked for the opportunity to personally visit Ukraine and meet with the Ukrainian political and military leadership. This was reported by the European Pravda media outlet.

"My visit – the first NATO military delegation to visit Ukraine since Russia's large-scale invasion – is evidence that NATO and Ukraine are closer than ever," Bauer said.

According to him, this visit allows him to express his "deep respect" for the courage and strength of Ukrainians, which they have demonstrated both on and off the battlefield.

"Every day we are getting closer, more compatible. Together we are doing everything to ensure that Ukraine becomes a member of our Alliance. The Swedish flag will not be the only blue and yellow flag at NATO Headquarters," he assured.

The Dutch admiral once again noted the successes of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, which have changed the nature of modern warfare and are moving towards victory.

"You are fighting for civilization itself. The Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are doing it in a way we have never seen before. You have radically changed many aspects of modern warfare," Bauer reiterated at the forum in Kyiv.

He noted that faced with trench warfare and constant artillery shelling from the First World War, combined with drones and 21st-century artificial intelligence, the Ukrainian Armed Forces quickly adapted and repelled the aggressor.

"You are pioneers in innovation, using a combination of Soviet equipment with modern Western weapons," ArmyInform quoted the NATO official as saying.

Speaking at the security forum, Bauer emphasized that despite the incredible suffering and losses, Ukraine has made significant progress on the battlefield.

"Ukraine has experienced the unbearable: it has lost people and things that can never be replaced. And yet... To call you a victim would not be fair to your immeasurable strength. It would not be fair to the successes you have achieved on the battlefield," the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee emphasized.

As OBOZ.UA reported, earlier Rob Bauer warned that civilians in the West should prepare for a possible conflict with Russia. He noted that the armed forces are already prepared in case of war.

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