Danilov on US calls not to attack refineries in Russia: we are not going to ask anyone

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Danilov responds to US calls not to shell Russian refineries

NSDC Secretary Oleksii Danilov said that Ukraine will not ask anyone for advice on the destruction of legitimate military targets on the territory of the terrorist state of Russia. We will continue to destroy Russians wherever we find them.

In this way, the official commented on a Financial Times article in which US administration had called on Ukraine to stop striking Russian oil refineries. Danilov voiced his position during the 16th annual Kyiv Security Forum on March 22.

"In terms of our war, we are not going to ask anyone what to attack on the territory of Russia," the NSDC Secretary said.

He emphasized that Ukraine will continue to destroy Russians "wherever it finds them" and "will not ask anyone for permission."

As a reminder, the FT article stated that American officials allegedly fear that attacks on Russian refineries could lead to higher fuel prices, particularly in the United States. The article was published on March 22, the day Russia carried out the most massive attack on Ukraine's energy facilities in recent times.

The White House has neither confirmed nor denied the information that the United States allegedly appealed to the Ukrainian special services to stop strikes on Russian oil refineries. However, Biden's administration hinted that they were mostly against such strikes.

The American Institute for the Study of War concluded that a series of attacks by Ukrainian drones on Russian refineries could have disabled up to 11% of Russia's total capacity.

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