Zalishchyky village: check out 'German Saarschleife' in the Ternopil region

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Zalishchyky: from the past to the present

The picturesque landscapes of the Ternopil region never cease to amaze travelers. The village of Zalishchyky is worth a look. The peninsula town is very similar to a location in Germany. However, our natural attraction can not only match the foreign one but also compete for the championship.

We will tell you what to see here.

A brief history

The first mentions of settlements on these lands date back to 1444 and 1469. The interesting name probably comes from the place where people lived, which is behind the forest. During its existence, the village was part of various principalities. During the period when Zalishchyky belonged to Poland, a real resort boom began here.

The Poles loved to relax here. The isolation from the industrial center, incredible nature, and tropical climate made the location very popular. In a few seasons, it turned into the second Polish Riviera. Marshal Józef Pilsudski was a frequent visitor. Other famous people also came here, including Vasyl Stefanyk, Solomiia Krushelnytska, Yurii Fedkovych, and others.

If you look at old photos, you might not recognize Zalishchyky. There were clean beaches, elite restaurants, and guests were accommodated in luxurious villas. The former "owners" also took care of a convenient transportation interchange. In the summer, the Luxtorpeda high-speed train, which can be compared to the modern Intercity, ran here. The train departed from Warsaw itself, and the cars contained only luxury compartments.

The season here started early. In early May, the first tourists came here. And in June, there was no end of them. This period lasted until mid-October. Weather permitting, the village would also organize a festival called Vynobrannia at this time. At the festival, the grape harvest was demonstrated.

But the fairy tale did not last long. On September 1, 1939, Poland was occupied by Germany, and the territories of western Ukraine were ceded to the Soviet Union. After these events, unfortunately, the settlement fell into decline.

Zalishchyky village: check out 'German Saarschleife' in the Ternopil region

The present

Although only photographs and memories remain of the former resort, there are still plenty of things to do here. The tropical climate hasn't changed, so you can still relax here. However, it's not as chic as it used to be. Besides, the beautiful views have not disappeared. We will try to describe them. But it is unlikely that we will be able to do it well because it is extremely difficult to convey this beauty in words.

Just imagine: a small peninsula is hidden in the bend of the mighty Dniester River. Here, on a tiny piece of land, a cozy town has grown. The area itself is bordered on three sides by the river and resembles a frying pan. A narrow path, or "frying pan handle," connects the paradise zone with the "ordinary" one. A bridge also stretches from the other bank to the picturesque corner.

In spring, nature quickly comes to life here. Therefore, in late March or early April, you can already see flowering trees. At this time, we recommend renting a bike and riding around the village.

Zalishchyky village: check out 'German Saarschleife' in the Ternopil region

The parish church of St. Stanislav

A religious building in Zalishchyky. It was the first church to be built in the village. The investor was the Polish nobleman Stanisław August Poniatowski. The work began in 1764 and was completed in 1824. By the way, at first the church was wooden. Then a stone alternative was built in its place.

Unique frescoes remain inside, and the founder's family coat of arms is miraculously preserved on the door. In Soviet times, the church was closed to parishioners, and the building itself was used as a warehouse. Salt was brought in, which later covered the walls, windows, and equipment with white spots. But it could not get to the emblem.

The church has now been restored. It is located on Haivoronskoho Street. By the way, there is another shrine nearby, the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is also worth visiting.

Zalishchyky village: check out 'German Saarschleife' in the Ternopil region

Branicki Winter Palace

At the end of the eighteenth century, Prince Józef Poniatowski built a mansion in the city center. Soon it was purchased by Ignatius Brunytskyi, who a few years later changed the building to his liking. The building's exterior began to show features of the Empire style. Later, a park grew around the cottage.

The two-story palace was built of brick. It is probably because of the durable material and professionalism of the designers that the building has been preserved to this day. But now it is in a state of disrepair.

By the way, the most original part of the complex, the colonnade, has also survived. It connects the main building with an outbuilding.

Zalishchyky village: check out 'German Saarschleife' in the Ternopil region

Zalishchyky Park

Locals call it Nyzhnyi or Panskyi. The monument of landscape art is located in the southern part of the city. Exotic trees, bushes and vines grow here. Among them are Kentucky coffeetree, Japanese rose, Maidenhair tree, Amur cork tree, Spirea, Albanian forsythia, etc. Some of the plants are over a hundred years old. Most of them came from other continents, but there are also those that grew in our Ukrainian reserves.

We also recommend visiting the Imperial Royal Barracks, the Polish Sokil Society, the People's House, the Starosta and Court House, the Town Hall, and the panorama of Zalishchyky. You can do this outside the settlement. You need to get to the village of Khreshchatyk, where an observation deck has been built.

Zalishchyky village: check out 'German Saarschleife' in the Ternopil region

By the way, if you're here, don't overlook the Dniester Canyon. And be sure to drive the Ustechko-Chervone-Nyrkiv route.

Love Ukraine and travel around its endless expanses.

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