Your iPhone has a hidden zoom that lets you take binocular photos: how to turn it on

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Magnifying glass in iPhone. How to use it. Source: pixabay

Since last year, iPhone developers have been actively working on software that will help people with musculoskeletal, visual, hearing, and cognitive disabilities. That's when Apple added Assistive Touch to the Apple Watch, eye tracking support for third-party apps on the iPad, and expanded object detection assistance for the VoiceOver screen reader.

The range now goes beyond the mostly available options - enlarged text, reduced transparency, increased contrast, and a VoiceOver screen reader. On the Apple iPhone, you'll find most of the options in the Settings menu, where you'll find the Special Features tab.

The Hindustan Times reports that in the current iOS 16 update, the Magnifier tool has also received more features. The main task of the tool is to zoom in on objects with the camera for a closer look, and it also provides additional features for recognizing people and doorways.

After opening the Magnifier app, you need to select the detection icon in the lower right corner in the tabs. The camera interface will show you the options for detected doors and identify people. When you select the "door" option, the iPhone camera will try to determine if there is a door in the direction the camera is looking and how far away it is.

Your iPhone has a hidden zoom that lets you take binocular photos: how to turn it on

This feature easily detects most doors, although it will take some time to recognize glass doorways or walls that merge (preferably with the doorknob in line of sight for identification).

Magnifier's advanced features eliminate the need for third-party apps that used to use the camera for detection and navigation. This app can detect objects in a wide range - basically, it will talk about what it sees as the iPhone camera is focused on the surroundings. And unlike the separate Google Lookout app, Magnifier is already built into iOS for iPhone.

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