Why you can't celebrate 40 years: folk signs and astrologers' opinion

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Is it possible to celebrate 40 years

Forty has long been considered a mystical age. Every decade, a person enters a new stage of life. And if 30 years is like saying goodbye to youth and carefree days, then 40 years is a period of summarizing and reviewing the path you have traveled.

It is said that it is better not to celebrate your fortieth birthday. OBOZREVATEL investigated what is behind this belief and what is the mystery of the number 40.

Does the church forbid celebrating 40 years?

For some reason, most people believe that the ban is related to the church. But this is not the case. Christianity has no restrictions on celebrating the 40th anniversary. Even 33, the age of Christ, is not forbidden by the church to celebrate.

The negative meaning of the number 40 is associated with significant events described in the Bible: The Flood lasted for 40 days, Moses led the people in the desert for the same number of days, and Jesus Christ ascended to heaven 40 days after His resurrection. It is believed that the souls of the dead wander the earth for 40 days before going to the afterlife.

Opinion of astrologers, psychologists and esotericists

Astrologers say that the fortieth birthday comes under the influence of Pluto and Uranus. Therefore, during this period, life difficulties and radical changes are possible, including financial problems, health problems, and conflicts in personal life. Uranus, according to astrologers, accompanies a person up to the age of 43.

Why you can't celebrate 40 years: folk signs and astrologers' opinion

Esotericists have a different opinion. In numerology, four means prosperity, new beginnings, strength, energy, and creativity. However, mystics do not advise celebrating the 40th birthday, at least you should not organize loud parties and celebrations, because in the tarot system, the number 40 corresponds to the arcana of death. Death should not be taken literally; it is usually a symbol of great change.

Psychologists say there are no objective reasons not to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Tension, depression, and negative thoughts are associated with the usual crisis of the decade. It's time to take stock, to enter a new stage, but the mistakes of the past do not allow for a painless transition.

Physiological changes add to the worries. The body ages, youth passes. Men and women face a midlife crisis.

Whether to celebrate the 40th birthday or not is up to each individual. But nothing bad will happen if you spend this day in a good mood, with your family, friends, and relatives.

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