Who in Ukraine is paid more than UAH 70 thousand: the highest paid vacancies are named

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Who can earn the most and how much
Who can get paid and how much. Source: Freepik

In Ukraine, the highest salaries are paid to programmers who know the Golang programming language. In addition to programmers, the military can also count on fairly high average salaries.

This is stated in the data of a large personnel portal. Thus, among the highest-paid jobs:

  • Golang programmer – 95,000 UAH
  • IOS programmer – 76000 UAH
  • Symfony developer – 75000 UAH
  • Artillerist – 72500 UAH
  • Tanker driver – 72000 UAH
  • Decryptor – 71000 UAH
  • Gunner – 70300 UAH
  • Sniper – 70100 UAH
  • Flamethrower – 70100 UAH
  • Grenade launcher – 70,000 UAH

Ukrainians earn an average of UAH 18.9 thousand, according to the State Statistics Service for the first quarter of 2024. This is 22.5% more than in the first quarter of 2023. At this rate, the average salary may rise to UAH 23 thousand this year.

The average salary fell in the second quarter of 2022, after the start of a full-scale war. However, in the third quarter of the same year, salaries rose to UAH 14.6 thousand, reaching the level of the first quarter. The traditional statistical distortion persists: in the fourth quarter, annual bonuses and bonus payments significantly increase the average salary.

If the dynamics of last year are repeated, Ukrainians will earn about UAH 23 thousand on average in 2024. The main reason for the salary increase is the labor market shortage. This is also confirmed by the statistics of salaries in the industries. They are growing the most in the areas that suffer from a shortage of workers: service, water transport, and construction.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote in detail about why most 60-year-olds in Ukraine will soon not be able to receive their pensions on time. This is due to the gradual increase in the length of service requirements.

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