Who in Ukraine is paid from UAH 70 thousand: the highest paid vacancies are named

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Employers underpay Ukrainian women
Employers underpay Ukrainian women

In Ukraine, IT specialists and the military will receive salaries of UAH 70 thousand or more. Traditionally, the highest salaries will be paid to specialists who know programming languages.

This is stated in the publication of a large personnel portal. The top ten highest paid vacancies include:

  • C++ programmer 110000 UAH
  • Golang programmer 92500 UAH
  • .Net programmer 85000 UAH
  • ATGM operator 85000 UAH
  • Tanker 75000 UAH
  • Reconnaissance man 71000 UAH
  • Flamethrower 70100 UAH
  • Anti-aircraft gunner 70100 UAH
  • Attack aircraft 70100 UAH
  • Grenade launcher 70000 UAH

In Ukraine, the average salary is expected to increase in 2024. According to the forecast in the approved state budget, it will amount to UAH 21,800. The average salary in Ukraine has reached UAH 19 thousand, but its growth has not covered inflation. Thus, over the year, average salaries nominally (i.e., in terms of the net amount) increased by 15.1%, but in reality (taking into account price increases), on the contrary, they fell by 3.6%. In dollar terms, salaries still fall short of pre-war levels.

The top 5 sectors with the highest average monthly salaries are as follows

  • information and telecommunications – UAH 36,544
  • financial and insurance activities – UAH 32,944
  • air transportation – UAH 28,177;
  • professional, scientific, and technical activities – UAH 21,862;
  • public administration and defense, compulsory social insurance – UAH 20,506.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, according to the NBU, the Ukrainian labor market will remain rather static in the near future: neither a sharp increase in vacancies in the main sectors of the economy nor a surge in dismissals is expected. However, there are still companies that intend to change the number of employees. And these expectations are mostly negative: they will fire employees much more often than they will hire new ones.

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