While the rubble is still being cleared in Kyiv, Putin's New Year's address this time without the military

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Putin made a New Year's address while Kyiv is eliminating the consequences of Russia's war crime

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin made a New Year's address to the citizens of the terrorist state. This year, it did not involve the occupiers, but the Russian leader called them heroes and expressed pride.

The dictator's speech was aired on Russian TV channels in the Far East on the afternoon of December 31, Moscow time. The Kremlin leader somewhere saw the cohesion of Russian society and said that the people of Russia remain united in thought, work, and battle.

He also addressed the occupiers, who are killing Ukrainians at this very moment, and said that he was proud and admired them.

Meanwhile, a rescue and search operation is underway in Kyiv at the site of a warehouse in the Shevchenkivskyi district after the Russian army attack on December 29. The number of victims of the rocket attack on the capital has risen to 23. January 1 will be a day of mourning in Kyiv.

Earlier, the media reported that Putin told Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting that Russia was allegedly ready to fight Ukraine for another five years . The Kremlin leader tried to convince his Chinese counterpart that Moscow could win. The dictator tried to persuade Xi not to change his pro-Russian position and argued that a protracted war would be beneficial to both China and Russia.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Oleksiy Melnyk, co-director of foreign policy programs, coordinator of international projects at the Razumkov Center, and military expert, said that Putin pursues two goals with his attacks on Kyiv. First of all, it is a rebellion, which should result in a violent change of power in Ukraine and the establishment of a puppet regime. And also a purely military way of occupying Kyiv. However, at present, the danger of both options is minimal.

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