What women are forbidden to do around the world: strange and ridiculous laws

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What women are forbidden to wear in different countries

Years of women's struggle for their rights have yielded results. However, even in the most progressive countries, equality has not been fully established. This is reflected at all levels: from economic to social. The most ridiculous laws in the world are in OBOZREVATEL's selection.

  • France

For a long time, the authorities of this country controlled the clothes of its citizens. Even pants were banned. But fortunately, these regulations are no longer in effect. They have been replaced by new ones - now you can't wear a burkini on the beaches, a special swimsuit for Muslim women that covers almost the entire body. The law is explained by the fact that it is supposed to protect the right to privacy of women. It is not yet clear how exactly.

  • Iran

The authorities of this country are against women watching football. This is not even because of the game itself, but because of the athletes' bare feet and the screams of the fans. That's why Iranian women have to dress up as men to enter the stadium. Of course, if they are not caught wearing such an outfit.

What women are forbidden to do around the world: strange and ridiculous laws
  • Turkmenistan

Local women are not allowed to buy cigarettes. The law has been in place for only a few years. However, there is one way around it. You should get an official certificate from a psychiatrist confirming that you are addicted to tobacco.

  • Yemen

The legislation of this country does not treat testimony in court of people of different sexes equally. Thus, a woman cannot be a witness in cases involving domestic violence, infidelity or slander.

  • Mali

In cases of divorce, men have the right to all of their wives' property. Even if it was acquired before marriage and the couple signed a marriage contract.

  • Swaziland

This small African country has decided to fight immoral behavior with its own methods. Thus, citizens of the country are not allowed to wear miniskirts. For this, they will receive a fine or even go to jail for six months.

What women are forbidden to do around the world: strange and ridiculous laws
  • Indonesia

In different parts of the country, local authorities can set their own laws. For example, in Aceh province, women are banned from riding motorcycles because it provokes men to drive. And in Sumatra and Java, they are discussing the possibility of conducting "chastity tests" for schoolgirls, followed by a ban on studying for those who have had sexual relations.

  • America

It is surprising to see such a developed country in this selection. But some states still have ridiculous laws that infringe on women's rights. Most of them, in fact, do not work at all. For example, in California, you can't drive a car in a bathrobe, and in Florida, unmarried women are not allowed to go skydiving on Sunday.

  • Congo

Female citizens of the country have to get their husband's permission if they want to get a job. This strange ban is quite common in the world. Similar laws are in effect in Qatar, Sudan, Mauritania, and others.

  • Saudi Arabia

This country has many laws that can be considered sexist. Only recently, the order that prohibited women from driving cars was canceled. However, there is still a decree stating that female citizens do not have the right to travel, enter universities, or get a job without the permission of one of their relatives. It can be a father, husband, brother, or even a son.

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