What to watch on Easter: family cartoons and movies that will delight your kids

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A list of cartoons to watch with your kids on Easter

This year, Easter falls on May 5. Usually, the whole family gathers on this day, both adults and children. So, instead of spending time just eating goodies, you can relax with your family watching movies.

OBOZ.UA has put together a selection of movies and cartoons that will help create a festive mood and make this day special for the whole family. Here are the movies that will delight both children and parents.

Peter Rabbit, 2018

A fascinating animated comedy about the adventures of a rabbit named Peter. In the story, forest animals start a fight with people because they want to steal vegetables from the garden without being punished. The animals have to resort to tricks and mischief to get what they want. The movie is full of visual effects, humor and exciting adventures. The film reveals important themes of friendship, support and the ability to admit your mistakes.

Wonka, 2023

A fantasy musical in which the protagonist Willy Wonka moves to a big city to open his own candy store. The peculiarity is that his sweets have magical properties.

However, in the story, Wonka loses all his savings, gets stuck in debt and attracts the attention of competitors who want to get rid of him at any cost. This movie will make the audience smile and cry. A touching story that shows that everything in this world is possible.

Hop, 2011

A story about friendship, music, the path to a dream and the struggle to return to a centuries-old family business. The main character of the cartoon is Happy, who refuses to be the Easter Bunny. Instead, he wants to become a rock star. So, in defiance of his father, Happy goes to Hollywood.

Rabbit Academy: Mission Eggpossible, 2022

In the cartoon, the main character Max the rabbit and his friends are trying to save Easter from cunning foxes. The animals steal the eggs and want to make an omelet out of them. So a team of rescuers gathers to bring the holiday back to the children. This story reveals the theme of trust, responsibility and teamwork. It also shows how to be brave and overcome your fears.

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade, 2016

This part of the movie series is full of bright adventures, humor, and shows the value of true friendship. One of the main characters, Sid, decides to hatch eggs instead of birds and starts his own business. But in the story, an evil pirate rabbit appears and kidnaps them and demands a ransom. So the three friends embark on an adventure to find the stolen eggs.

Rise of the Guardians, 2012

In the story of the cartoon, the Nightmare King returns to Earth, wanting to take over the world with fear and bring nightmares to children. So the magical characters Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Sandy, Jack Frost, and the Easter Bunny unite to save children's dreams. The movie shows the struggle between good and evil. The wizards go through trials and regain their faith in themselves to preserve the magic that boys and girls believe in.

Alice in Wonderland, 2010

This movie is recommended for children over 12 years old. Teenagers will be delighted with the adventures of the main character. Alice receives an offer to get married during the festival, but this is not what she wants. The girl runs away from the festival, meets a strange rabbit and tries to catch up with him. Eventually, she falls into a hole that opens up a Wonderland. Thanks to the movie, each viewer discovers something interesting about themselves.

The Prince of Egypt, 1998

What to watch on Easter: family cartoons and movies that will delight your kids

This story takes place in ancient Egypt. A little boy was carried by the waters of the Nile to the palace of the pharaoh. The powerful ruler took the baby under his care and named him Moses. Now he grows up with his brother Ramses. However, one day the boys will have a confrontation, and one of them will become the ruler of the land, and the other will become a saint. The cartoon introduces children to religious history.

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