What to give your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day: ideal options for different budgets

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You don't need to spend a lot of money to impress your beloved

You can treat Valentine's Day in different ways, but you have to admit that any woman will be pleased to receive a souvenir for the holiday as a sign of your feelings for her. And you don't have to spend your last dime on diamonds, just like you don't have to get off with an ordinary box of chocolate.

For those who are looking for interesting and non-trivial ideas, OBOZ.UA has collected gift options for different budgets. They will delight both your favorite woman and your beloved wife.

Homemade gifts

When you make things with your own hands, you put a piece of your soul into them. Besides, they are usually inexpensive. Here are some items you can make quickly and really impress your beloved with them.

Box of homemade sweets

One or two confectionery master classes, a beautiful box, and a ribbon are all you need to give her unique sweets. Try to make candies or cookies with her favorite flavors. It will definitely be better than a last-minute chocolate bar.

Homemade flower arrangement

You will also need the help of a professional who will teach you not just how to make bouquets but how to make real compositions from flowers. Such workshops also exist. The result can be a heart-shaped arrangement that your sweetheart will definitely be delighted with.

Any objects in the shape of a heart

Remember what you liked to do as a child and what you were good at. Working with metal or wood, maybe wickerwork or something similar. Use your skills to make a nice little thing. Be sure to make it in the shape of a heart, since the holiday obliges. It can be a set of hot coasters, a bowl for small items, painted candlesticks, hooks or hangers, kitchen potholders, or even a keychain. If you are confident, sign up for a pottery class and make a cup or plate or paint a picture.

Natural soap

A well-made natural soap is a welcome cosmetic gift. And if you also make it yourself, putting some special meaning into the scent you choose for it. You can also make a homemade bath bomb.


In the end, you can simply wake up early and prepare a gourmet breakfast for her. This will also be very, very romantic.

Inexpensive gifts

If your budget for the celebration is limited or you just don't plan to spend a lot, it doesn't mean you should give up on the pleasures altogether. Here are a few ideas that will fit into a couple hundred hryvnias.

Wine and snacks to go with it

Don't try to get to a restaurant that evening. Most likely, all the tables will be booked. It's better to have a restaurant at home. A candlelit dinner with fine wine and gourmet cheese: isn't that a great idea?

Bath set

Bath foam, a fluffy washcloth, a few bombs, a body scrub: put together a special gift box for your beloved who loves to bask in warm water. Who doesn't? For originality, you can add some beautiful candles. If your budget is not so limited, buy a bathrobe to go with it.

Costume jewelry

Not everyone wears such jewelry, but if a woman loves it, then such a gift will always be appropriate, especially if you fill it with a special meaning. Come up with a story for it that will be understandable only to the two of you.

Pair of tableware

Cups or glasses for two are very romantic. They hint at coffee together in the morning or a relaxed romantic evening by candlelight with wine.

DIY set

If your sweetheart likes to make things with her own hands, she will definitely be pleased with tools or hobby materials. Firstly, you will show her that you are interested in her hobbies, and secondly, you can always choose something that she has always saved on: a magnifying glass with built-in light for small works such as embroidery or beading, organizers for materials, interesting paints or high-quality drawing paper. Just ask around and you'll get a whole bunch of gift options for years to come.

Certificate to the store

If you really can't choose anything, think about which store your loved one likes to buy something nice for herself. It can be cosmetics or perfume, dishes and kitchen utensils, materials for crafts, home decor. Then just ask the store if they have gift certificates and choose something for a comfortable amount.

Expensive gifts

Well, let's do without the obvious things like jewelry, expensive clothes, or vacations. You can express your love in more original ways.

Couple photo shoot

If you want to capture your feelings, order a photo shoot for the two of you or for the whole family. Such a gift will require some preparation, such as choosing the time, location, and images, as well as your direct participation in all stages of the process. Only then will it be a really nice gift. Your beloved will not be forced to manage the whole process but will be able to enjoy it and then enjoy the result.


A certificate for a whole day in a spa is a dream gift for many women. If you decide to go with her, you will also enjoy it. Besides, it will be an interesting experience that will bring you closer together.


Women love gadgets too. Therefore, it is always a great idea to choose a powerful phone, good headphones or speakers for the home, a gaming laptop, a camera, or a game console. However, try not to give her a gift that you will use much more often. Gadgets can also include various small appliances that are not related to cleaning and cooking. It can be a coffee maker, a massager, beauty gadgets, a wine fridge, etc.

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