What to give for Mother's Day: do-it-yourself gift ideas

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In Ukraine, Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday of May, which this year is the 12th. This is a family holiday, and greetings and gifts for it should be special.

If your mother is with you now, prepare a gift for her that will demonstrate all the tenderness with which you treat her – do something with your own hands. And OBOZ.UA will give you some interesting ideas.

Create a book about your mom

A postcard is nice but trite. Try creating a whole book about your mom. Come up with a short story that would demonstrate your love for her, buy a scrapbooking notebook, write this story in it, and decorate it with photos, drawings, lyrics, quotes, poems, and some decorative trinkets. Let each page contain some of your shared memories. This gift will become a real family heirloom.

Record a video in the style of "30 questions about..."

This is where the whole family should work together to prepare this gift. Start by preparing several questions about your mom, her history, and what she loves. Ask these questions to all family members and record them on video. Choose the most beautiful answers and edit them into a movie. Then watch it together over a festive dinner. A surge of emotions is guaranteed.

Prepare a festive dinner

Speaking of dinner. A home celebration with your mom's favorite dishes that you cook for her will always be appropriate. If you are confident in your cooking skills, make a list of everything your mom loves and prepare the best dishes. Take care of the ingredients in advance. A few hours before dinner, take your mom for a walk, to the movies, to the beauty salon, etc., and start turning your home kitchen into a restaurant. Decorate and serve everything you cook beautifully, arrange candles and flowers, and have a wonderful evening together.

Present a homemade body scrub

You don't have to buy ready-made cosmetics for your mom – you can do something yourself. For example, a body scrub. Take a quarter cup of coconut oil, heat it over low heat to melt it, and add a third cup of sugar and a few drops of essential oil. Mix lightly and let it cool. If the scrub is too thin, you can add a little more sugar. Put the product in a beautiful jar and make a label for it with a good wish.

Make a craft "loving hands"

Such gifts are most touching if the family has small children growing up. There is no shortage of room for imagination here. For example, draw a picture with children's handprints. Let the kids dip their palms in the paint and then press them against the paper to create a pattern. You can make plaster casts of little hands and feet. Or you can make a heart card. Take a sheet of thick paper, fold it in half, and place the child's palm on top of it so that the index finger and thumb touch the fold line. Trace around the palm and then cut out the outline. The fold where your fingers touched it should remain uncut - it will hold the two halves of the palm together. As a result, you will get a card in the form of two hands, the fingers of which form a heart. Decorate this card, write your wishes on it, and give it to your mom.

Make a holiday slideshow

Ask all the children to write and draw something about Mom. Scan what they create and organize it into a slideshow. You can add photos and just beautiful pictures on the topic of motherhood. Use your mom's favorite song or some beautiful song about mom as the background music. Gather the whole family and watch this slideshow.

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