What to do if you have hooded eyes: makeup tips that work wonders

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How to do makeup for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are an aesthetic feature that can visually make your eyes appear smaller and your gaze look more tired. Most women with such eyelids are not suitable for popular life hacks and makeup techniques because they make their eyes look duller.

However, there are methods that can easily correct this feature and make your eyes more expressive and open. Glam magazine has shared a number of tips to help turn hooded eyes nto an asset rather than a liability.


For people with hooded eyes, eyeshadow and eyeliner often start to smudge and blend together, so they definitely need a primer as a makeup base.

Add water to your eyeshadow

Many makeup artists recommend using cream eyeshadows for those with overhanging eyelids because they last much longer. However, if you only have regular eyeshadow, just mix it with a little water before applying.

Don't use shades that are too dark

Black is very heavy on the eyes and visually makes the eyes look smaller.

In addition, too dark and heavy makeup can create the illusion that the eyes are set deeper than they actually are.

Bright colors

Although dark colors are something to be wary of, people with hooded eyes can safely use bright eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Apply dark eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid

Dark eyeshadow can visually deepen the crease of the eyelid and make the eyes more expressive.


Make your lashes the main focus of your makeup. Apply several coats of mascara or use false eyelashes. For a better effect, you can even apply reflective products directly behind the lashes. The main thing is not to apply shiny cosmetics to the eyelid crease.

Inner corners of the eyes

In order to visually "open" the eyes, it is worth highlighting their inner corners. To do this, you can use a highlighter, white pencil, light shadows, or even glitter.

What to do if you have hooded eyes: makeup tips that work wonders


If you draw the lower waterline of your eyes with a light pencil, it will certainly enlarge them and open your eyes. You can use not only white but also light shades of beige.

Emphasize the lower lashes

After you have highlighted the waterline, apply a little brown eyeshadow under the lower lashes and blend. This will visually enlarge your eyes and open up your gaze.


It's not very convenient to draw arrows on hooded eyes, but it's worth doing to stretch the shape of the eyes.

Just start drawing the arrow not from the last lash but a little lower. Use eyeliner to lengthen the lash line before moving the arrow to the side.

Apply gloss to the center of the eyelid

When people with hooded eyes open them, the upper eyelid is almost invisible, so it needs to be emphasized.

Apply glitter, a shiny highlighter, or just lip gloss to the center of the upper eyelid. This will instantly enlarge it.

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