What absolutely should not be given to women: popular items under prohibition

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Gifts not recommended to give

According to popular beliefs, some gifts should not be given to women in order not to bring trouble or health problems. It has long been said that you shouldn't choose watches, candles, towels, and certain varieties of potted flowers as gifts.

When buying gifts for women, superstitious people are sure to pay attention to ancient beliefs. OBOZREVATEL figured out what absolutely should not be given to women and what popular gifts are forbidden for those who believe in omens.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is elegant, minimalist, and refined, but, according to bioenergetics, such a gift can negatively impact a woman's health and emotional state.

The belief is that pearls have long been considered a negative gift that will bring only tears and losses to the recipient. Astrologers say that an exception can be made for women of a certain zodiac sign. For example, on an energy level, pearls are considered suitable for representatives of the Cancer sign. If you receive pearls, superstitious people advise giving the giver a few coins in return.

What absolutely should not be given to women: popular items under prohibition


Our great-grandmothers were especially careful about giving underwear and nightgowns as gifts. According to beliefs, such things can easily be subject to a jinx.

Of course, such a prohibition does not apply to spouses or couples; intimate gifts can be accepted from the hands of relatives and reliable people.

Hygiene products

Shower gels, shampoos, and body care products are very popular gifts. People say that hygiene products should be given as a last resort. According to the belief, such a gift will lead to a quarrel and deterioration of relationships.


There are two interpretations of this gift. Superstitious people believe that combs can be used to put a jinx on a person and pass on negative energy to the giftee. According to another version, combs have long been given to enemies to bring quarrels, conflicts, and misunderstandings with loved ones into their lives.

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