"We will not be scapegoats": Kuleba addressed the EU authorities with a tough statement due to farmers' protests

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Kuleba urged Europeans to stop blaming Ukraine
Kuleba urged Europeans to stop blaming Ukraine

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba addressed the governments of European countries. He urged them to start a dialog with their farmers instead of blaming Ukraine for all the problems, which does not agree to be a scapegoat.

Kuleba said this in an interview with the Voice of America."We will not be scapegoats who will tolerate all these groundless attacks. Where it is necessary to act tough, we will act tough. And let them not be offended later that we have shown our character... We will continue to defend our economic interests," Kuleba said.

He emphasized that the problem with the protests of European farmers is "very complicated and very simple at the same time." Therefore, Kuleba called on the governments of the "respective countries" to first of all start an "honest conversation" with the protesters, since not only in Poland "they blamed all the responsibility for the problems of farmers on Ukraine."

"For some reason, no one is talking about Russian grain entering the European market... For some reason, none of the European farmers are fighting against the grain that is entering the European market in huge volumes. They have been spinning a theme that Ukraine is to blame for everything." This understanding exists at the level of these protesters," Kuleba emphasized.

The Foreign Minister also noted that during his visit to Warsaw he had a "very long and frank" conversation with the Polish side."The governments of Poland and Ukraine are working on a solution, because no one needs this conflict, and there is a sincere desire to avoid any escalation. But there will be additional provocations, we understand that the Russians and their agents will be pumping up this story, so we need to keep a cool head and make decisions quickly," Kuleba said.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the Polish authorities are ready to completely close the border with Ukraine, according to Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The blockade will apply only to cargo transportation and will not affect passenger transport.

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