"We should not take this lightly": Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons again

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Putin once again threatens to use nuclear weapons

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has once again threatened to use nuclear weapons and called on the West "not to take lightly" the nuclear doctrine of the aggressor country. The war criminal said that Russia "may use all available means if its sovereignty or territorial integrity is threatened."

This was the dictator's answer to a question about the risks of nuclear war because of the war that Russia has started against Ukraine. According to Russian media, on Wednesday, June 5, the Kremlin leader met with the heads of news agencies.

Putin at a meeting with news agencies on June 5, 2024

Putin said that the West has repeatedly accused Moscow of rattling its nuclear weapons, but said that this was wrong, as the United States used nuclear weapons against Japan in World War II.

The president of the aggressor country said that the Russian nuclear doctrine allows for the use of nuclear weapons in response to "a number of threats."

"For some reason, the West believes that Russia will never use it. We have a nuclear doctrine, look what it says. If someone's actions threaten our sovereignty and territorial integrity, we consider it possible to use all the means at our disposal. This should not be taken lightly, superficially," the dictator said.

Putin at the SPIEF

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Putin spoke to news agencies on June 5, complaining about Ukraine and the West. For the sixth time this year, he said that the Russian Federation had allegedly been "led by the nose "with the Minsk agreements for eight years, Russia "did not attack Ukraine" and "did not threaten Western countries."

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