"Was seen live": Mahuchikh on how she pissed Russians off

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Mahuchikh caused hysteria in Russia

Ukrainian track and field athlete Yaroslava Mahuchikh caused hysteria among Russians after she shouted the patriotic cry at the 2023 World Championships, where she won gold. The performance of our compatriot was broadcast live on Russian media, which caused additional indignation from representatives of the aggressor country.

Yaroslava spoke about this in an interview with Channel 24. According to her, Russian journalists and fans were also enraged by the fact that the athlete showed the world a map of our country, which includes Crimea, annexed by Russia. Mahuchikh also glorified the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in boxing.

''Was seen live'': Mahuchikh on how she pissed Russians off

"I ran up to the stand, and my coach and teammates were there. And I was like, 'Glory to Ukraine,' 'Glory to the Heroes,' 'Glory to the Nation,' all these slogans. Why did Russia start a hysteria because of this? Because they saw it on the air and couldn't throw it away... My coach Tetiana also shouted 'Glory to the Ukrainian Armed Forces,' They saw it, and I'm very happy about that. The Russians were outraged when I started jumping with a badge, with a map of Ukraine. Of course, Crimea was there. That's why they were angry. How can it be, it's symbolism, it's not allowed," Mahuchikh said.

''Was seen live'': Mahuchikh on how she pissed Russians off

It should be noted that Russian propagandists demanded that the Ukrainian woman be fined at the very least, calling her behavior a bacchanalian act. And two-time Olympic champion Dmitry Vasiliev went even further and called for the disqualification of the high jumper from Dnipro.

''Was seen live'': Mahuchikh on how she pissed Russians off

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Yaroslava Mahuchikh took part in a non-standard photo shoot for the fashion magazine Vogue, provoking a resonance among fans.

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