"Wagnerians" in Belarus are training drone operators for the war in Ukraine: details have emerged

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In Belarus, the occupiers are being trained by "Wagner". Source: RosZmі

In Belarus, the militants of the private military company Wagner continue to prepare newly mobilized Russians for deployment to the front line. They teach the occupiers the basics of military topography, artillery, medical training, command and control, and communications.

Particular attention is paid to training operators for drones, primarily for FPV drones. The details were disclosed by the National Resistance Center.

The CNS emphasized that Russia continues to actively use the territory of satellite countries, primarily Belarus, to train and educate Russian occupiers. In Belarus, Wagner mercenaries train mobilized invaders in local training centers.

"It is here that Wagner PMC instructors teach the mobilized military topography, artillery, medical training, command and control, and communications for two weeks. But the main focus of the two-week courses is on mastering the operator's skills of UAVs, in particular FPV drones. After these express courses, they will go to war in Ukraine," the Center said.

At the same time, the Center added, the mercenary instructors are not satisfied with the work and the amount of payment for the services provided. Therefore, the number of instructors in Belarus is constantly decreasing: militants choose "business trips" to Africa, where they are paid much more money.

"According to the Center for National Resistance, the number of Wagnerians in Belarus has recently decreased from 500 to 400. Soon, those 'willing' to fight in Ukraine will be sent to the front line right from the military registration and enlistment office. And we remind you that if you have information about the enemy, its location, and equipment, help bring the time of the liberation of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine from the occupier closer, send the data via this link," the National Center for National Security summarized.

Earlier, the National Center for National Security told how Russians recruit young people to Shahed assembly plants. They do this not only in Russia but also in the temporarily occupied territories – through so-called "youth movements" and under the guise of "competitions."

It was also reported that the occupiers are forming a register of undesirable residents of Mariupol. Their invaders are seeking to deport them from their hometown.

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