Up to UAH 1000 per Easter cake: how much does Easter pastry cost in Ukraine and where is it more profitable to buy

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Easter goodies surprise with their price
Easter goodies surprise with their price. Source: Freepik / chandlervid85

There is a strong demand for Easter cakes in Ukraine ahead of Easter 2024, but prices for these products vary considerably. In supermarkets, the cost of half-kilogram Easter cakes usually ranges from 99 to 170 hryvnias, depending on the brand and composition of the product, while in bakeries, prices can reach 1195 hryvnias per piece, especially in the case of luxury products or cakes with exclusive fillings.

OBOZ.UA found out what prices manufacturers are offering this year. And also how the cost of Easter cake in supermarkets and bakeries differs.

Prices for Easter cakes in bakeries

Buying Easter cakes in bakeries may be more expensive than buying them in supermarkets, but according to manufacturers, this is offset by the higher quality of the products. This year, the minimum cost of Easter cakes in a bakery is UAH 320, while the maximum price can reach UAH 1500 per piece.

The cost of Easter cake in a bakery

Industrial manufacturers often save money when preparing Easter delicacies. For example, they add egg and protein powder instead of eggs, milk powder, dyes, margarine or spread instead of butter. While most bakeries use only natural products.

How much does Easter cake cost in a bakery

The high cost is also due not only to the quality of the products, but also to the variety of flavors and unique recipes. Elite brands and exclusive fillings that can be found in bakeries also contribute to the price increase.

Easter cake can cost up to $30 per piece

For example, in one well-known Kyiv bakery chain, you can find variations of Easter cakes with pistachio or coconut filling, the price of which ranges from 680 to 1100 hryvnias. You can also find Easter gift sets in bakeries, the centerpiece of which is Easter cake.

Prices in supermarkets

It is much cheaper to buy Easter cakes in supermarkets, especially given the wide range of products. For example, a half-kilogram Easter cake in a bakery can cost between 650 and 700 hryvnias, while in large supermarket chains the price for a similar product usually ranges from 90 to 130 hryvnias. In particular:

  • Varus - 90.20 UAH;
The cost of Easter cake in the supermarket
  • Silpo - 99 UAH;
Price of Easter cake in Silpo
  • ATB - 144.20 UAH;
Price for Easter goodies at ATB
  • METRO - 179.90 UAH;
What is the cost of Easter cake in Metro
  • Auchan - 82.90 UAH.
How much does Easter cake cost in the store

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the news that the Silpo supermarket chain sells Easter cake for 3500 hryvnias is spreading online. The manufacturer of this Easter cake is the Sicilian company Fiasconaro, which supplies its panettone to Ukraine.

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