Ukrainians were given fake dollars: what banknotes were forged by scammers

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Ukrainians were given fake dollars
Ukrainians were given fake dollars. Source: Unsplash

Ukrainians can get fake dollars in exchange offices. In particular, in 2023, this currency accounted for 97% of counterfeit banknotes among all foreign currencies. At the same time, the most commonly counterfeited banknotes were large denominations.

This was reported by the National Bank. Most often, they noted, counterfeiters forged foreign banknotes of two denominations. In particular:

  • $100 - 92% of the total number of seized counterfeit bills;
  • 50 dollars - 7%.

The number of counterfeit dollars has increased

In total, the regulator admitted, less than 700 counterfeit foreign currency banknotes were found in 2023. This is slightly more than in 2022, when about 600 such bills were found.

However, it is noted that it is impossible to talk about a large-scale threat to the market and the financial system. "The level of counterfeiting of foreign currency banknotes last year was low," the National Bank stated.

Where fraudsters distribute counterfeit dollars

Ukrainians can get counterfeit money, for example, at exchange offices or on the black market, by buying currency by hand. This is how, in particular, fake dollars and euros were distributed by scammers already detained by law enforcement officers who operated in the western regions of the country.

"They sold counterfeit money in small batches directly to residents of the region. They handed it over to currency exchange offices," the National Police said.

In addition, a scammer from Chernivtsi region handed over counterfeit $2,100 to exchange offices. According to the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine (BES):

  • The fraudster received the money from an accomplice;
  • she acted in the Chernivtsi region.
Where fraudsters distribute counterfeit dollars

"The woman received foreign currency from her accomplice. Later, knowing that the money was counterfeit, she handed it over at exchange offices in the Chernivtsi region. In this way, she managed to exchange 2,100 US dollars for hryvnias," the statement said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, last year fraudsters also distributed counterfeit hryvnias among Ukrainians. Most often, these were old-style banknotes issued before 2015.

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