Top 7 cartoons for the New Year 2024 that will bring you back to carefree childhood

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A selection of New Year's cartoons.

How to quickly feel the New Year's atmosphere? All you need to do is decorate your home with a garland or a small Christmas tree, turn on your favorite themed cartoon, and enjoy fairy tales for the next few hours. They will give you a festive mood and gently remind you that miracles do happen! Of course, if you believe in them.

We have prepared a selection of animated films for the youngest and adult viewers, which are perfect for watching on the eve of Christmas or New Year's Eve 2024. Read more in the OBOZ.UA article.

1. Arthur Christmas (2011)

Countries: UK, USA

Duration: 97 minutes

Storyline. Every year, children look forward to the New Year holidays to find the gifts they want under the tree. But one girl, despite her good behavior, was left without a present. The reason is that the special squad of little elves made a mistake. It is up to Santa's youngest son Arthur to correct this mistake.

2. Frozen (2013)

Country: USA

Duration: 102 minutes

Storyline. The parents of two princesses, Elsa and Anna, were shipwrecked. Shortly afterwards, the older sister, Elsa, learned that she has an unusual gift: she can create ice and snow and even control them. One day she accidentally injures Anna, and in fear of harming her again, she runs away to the forest. A spell is cast on the kingdom... In order to save the people, Anna sets out to find her sister, along with Olaf the snowman, Kristoff the new friend, and Sven the deer.

3. Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Country: USA

Duration: 97 minutes

Storyline. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman are the guardians of legends who have been protecting children's dreams and dreams for many years. But the thief Boogeyman decided to destroy this idyll. He stole the dreams and replaced them with nightmares, convincing the kids that the guardians are fiction, not reality. I wonder if the defenders will be able to defeat the enemy?

4. The Grinch (2018)

Countries: France, China, Japan, USA

Running time: 85 minutes

Storyline. The animated film tells the story of a shaggy creature named the Grinch, who lives in a cave remote from humans. He is always irritated and dissatisfied with something, especially at Christmas because his peace is disturbed by loud celebrations. One morning, the Grinch woke up with a "brilliant" idea. He decides to quietly steal all the gifts from under the Christmas trees to spoil people's mood.

5. Smallfoot (2018)

Country: USA

Duration: 96 minutes

Storyline. Bigfoot is a snowman. None of his family takes him seriously. They just make fun of the poor guy. When the giant confessed that he had seen a smallfoot, he was thrown off the top of a mountain for "brazenly lying". In fact, Migo was telling the truth... When he found himself at the foot of the mountain, he went in search of the little man to prove that he was right.

6. Klaus (2019)

Country: Spain

Duration: 96 minutes

Storyline. Jasper moved to a small town. The young man started working as a postman and tried to promote his business. Unfortunately, he failed. He had to get creative. Jasper asked children who had no toys to write letters to receive gifts for Christmas. And the mysterious stranger Klaus agreed to help with this. Will the main character's new strategy work? Or will we have to think of something else?

7. Ice Age. A Mammoth Christmas (2011)

Country: USA

Duration: 26 minutes

Storyline. On Christmas Eve, two mammoths gave their little daughter a family heirloom, a Christmas rock. Sid the sloth decided to take a look at the present. Unfortunately, he was clumsy, so he accidentally damaged the valuable item. So Santa put him on the blacklist. What does this mean for Sid? And can he change anything?

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