To keep your home perfectly clean: what is the minimum you should do every day

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Keeping your home perfectly clean is not an easy task. Especially when life is in full swing and you have little free time.

A clear action plan and a little discipline will help you achieve the desired result. House Digest has shared some simple tips to follow every day to keep your home tidy and cozy.

The 2 minute rule

The more tasks you put off until later, the more time you will have to spend in the future. Before you know it, your to-do list will be overflowing.

If you need less than two minutes to complete a certain action, then do it immediately. It could be washing the dishes after dinner, taking out the trash, etc. At first, it will be hard to force yourself, but later you will be grateful for this rule.

Clean on the go

If you're the main cook in the family, you probably know what a mess is after cooking. To avoid this problem, try to clean up in parallel with other activities. For example, you can wash the knives while the roast is frying or the water is boiling, etc.

To keep your home perfectly clean: what is the minimum you should do every day

You can do the same with any household chores. Just grab your dirty clothes on your way to the restroom and load them into the washing machine right away. This way, cleaning will become part of your daily routine and will not be perceived as a heavy, full-fledged process.

Clean for 10 minutes every night

Good habits can dramatically change our lives for the better. 10 minutes is not a lot, but you will be amazed at how many things you can get done in this time.

If you already have a well-established evening routine, add a 10-minute cleaning routine to it to keep your place clean and wake up in a good mood every day.

Don't be afraid to throw things away

Most people keep a lot more stuff than they need. If you have things that you don't use at all, they take up space in your home and create visual noise for nothing. It is better to throw away all this junk or give it to charity.

In the future, think ahead before buying unnecessary things and get rid of what you probably won't need right away.

Wipe down surfaces daily

You don't need to arm yourself with a bunch of rags and detergents every day to keep your home clean. All you need is one microfiber cloth and plain water.

Just wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth every day. This will significantly increase the level of cleanliness and freshness in your home.

To keep your home perfectly clean: what is the minimum you should do every day

Make your bed

If you start the morning with a little victory over yourself, you'll greatly increase your chances of having a productive and successful day. Also, a made bed makes the room look tidy, so you're less likely to throw random things on it and contribute to the mess.

Wash dishes after every meal

If you have a dishwasher, put the dirty dishes in it immediately after eating, and if not, wash them by hand. It's much easier than spending an hour at the end of the meal scraping dried buckwheat off the plates.

In addition, bacteria grow very quickly in dirty dishes, so they can cause an unpleasant odor in your kitchen.

Open the windows

People underestimate the power of fresh air and its effect on them. Open the windows for some fresh air and you'll notice that your mood instantly improves and your home becomes more tidy and cozy.

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