This life hack will change your lip makeup forever: how to apply lipstick correctly

Yulia PoteriankoNews
Kim Kardashian's makeup artist shows her signature lip makeup technique. Source: Created with the help of AI

Properly performed lip makeup not only makes them look plumper. It can also visually tighten the lips, making them look more juicy and attractive.

But for some reason, many women skip this stage, thinking that it can be difficult to apply lipstick evenly and create the desired effect. Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, known for his work with Kim Kardashian, showed on his TikTok a technique that everyone can do - the main thing is to practice a couple of times.

To create the right makeup, you need two products: a lip pencil and lipstick. Choose either the same colors or some combination that is as harmonious as possible.

Begin by tracing the upper lip with a pencil, going just a little beyond its edge. This will visually create the desired volume. Pay special attention to the Cupid's arch - it should be clearly drawn.

Next, move on to the lower lip. Trace it as well, stepping back as little as possible beyond the edge. And carefully draw the center as well. According to Dedivanovic, this will create harmony and balance.

Finally, apply lipstick, keeping within the finished contour. That's it - the perfect lip makeup is ready. Not so difficult, right?

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