There will be problems! The element of a woman's closet, because of which can be delayed at the control at the airport, has been named

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An element of a woman's wardrobe that can cause detention at the airport has been named

Airport security checks before boarding an airplane can be time-consuming even without additional problems. However, a seemingly simple mistake with clothing can cause problems during the inspection and significantly complicate the inspection process.

Therefore, women are advised not to wear underwired bras during the flight. This was reported by The Sun.

Metal objects in bras can trigger airport security scanners, forcing passengers to spend extra time proving that they can safely board the plane. Journalists recommended using softer bra alternatives without metal objects.

"When it comes to avoiding that dreaded alarm when going through the airport scanner, you might consider ditching the underwire bras," the British journalists wrote.

It is noted that some scanners at airports are sensitive to the metal components on the underwires in more traditional bras, so they can be replaced with a softer alternative, such as a tank top bra or a bra without underwires.

Many people have experienced problems wearing underwired bras in airports. Some reported their problems, saying that they had unpleasant moments with airport security officers because of this.

As a reminder, Miami flight attendant Brenda Orelus shared tips and ideas for travelers that may be useful during the flight.

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